Navigating in the middle of the Drake Passage

Navigating in the middle of the Drake Passage

Joy Sailors!!

He who wants something, has to strive… And how can it be otherwise, Antarctica charges its passage, the one charged by these Seas, The Drake Passage!

It is no small thing, we had to take refuge in the Bay of San Juan de Salvamento, with very hard winds, up to 78 knots! It seems incredible that an anchor can withstand a ship of this size. When we remove the anchor from the bottom, the hydraulic windlass can hardly remove it from what had been nailed to the bottom, it is impressive the forces that work in these seas and the resistance necessary to navigate these latitudes. It’s as amazing as it is wonderful…

Now we sail almost at the equator of the Drake, we have winds of 30 knots and sea waves of about 4 to 5 meters, we sail with 3 sails and we do about 8 knots, this is the 5th time I cross the Drake or Sea of Sickles and it is always different, I am writing to you while I am jumping, heh, heh.

Today's task

We have had a water leak through a gate (like a small side window), water entered with each wave that covered it and it was becoming impracticable to sleep in that cabin, we have changed the course and we got down to work in the middle of a very respectable waves it seems that it was fixed, Pablo and Hernán will be able to rest better.

The guards are doing well, everyone collaborates, there are few dizzy and the atmosphere is good, I am particularly happy because everyone is fine. There is little left to reach Antarctica and having included Victoria in the group of captains, now I rest much more, although there are times when I get bored …

Joy Sailors!

Today I can not roll up much, it is uncomfortable for me to write by jumping …

Friends, this life is wonderful, you should try sometime to isolate yourself from the world for a while, here there is no pandemic or news, only coexistence, Sea and Wind …

Life is one and of one… you know

Joy Sailors, let’s keep dreaming together!!


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