Joy Sailors, we are navigating the Aysén channels.

Heh, heh, heh, how I like to travel on a sailboat!

It is hard but at the same time it is exciting, discovering new landscapes, new people and new challenges, for me it is living, maybe one day I will get tired but for now we are going full sail with this project “Back to Antarctica“.

There is no more remote and intriguing place, there are not many of us who arrive, we will see how far …

We set sail yesterday from Puerto Aguirre, a small but very dignified and orderly town, is in the channel of

Moraleda, on Huichas Island. This area looks like “the Polynesia” of the Aysén canals, I can only say that it is beautiful. A booming area, many plots of land are being sold and in a few years it will be a sustainable tourist center. We leave the marina Austral, to our friend Jaime, to whom I wish a great future.

The navigation part

We had an inspection of the Navy for a misunderstanding and it was already clarified, we must thank the willingness of the authorities and their understanding for the misunderstanding.

Today we sail all day through the channels of Aysén (beautiful), remembering the journey of 2 years ago with Monica, Javier, Leo, Barbara and Victor, greetings and hugs from the new Doubloon!

In the middle of the afternoon we went out to the Pacific and the wiggle began, the crew is improving and they no longer get dizzy so much, it rained all afternoon and when we reached the Taitao peninsula the thing began to calm down, from 30 knots we have passed to 10, we are about 55 miles from Messier Channel.

We will try to visit the Pio XI Glacier and continue to Puerto Edén.

The heating is great, the boat behaves very well navigating the Aysén channels. The Copernicus ratchet is going great and the mood of the crew is high, we have Fernando laughing and singing non-stop (when there is bad sea it is very important to be in good spirits).

The spirit of the ancient navigators

I am preparing the list of improvements to be made in Puerto Edén we will make 2 groups, one to help Nicolas with his new boat and another to continue tuning El Doblón.

Alegría does not take it very well, it has been a long time since she sailed but she will get used to it and she will forget when we get to Ushuaia and she goes crazy running after the rabbits …

Here time passes slowly and gives you time to reflect, I especially feel very good because on land I live running like crazy. It makes me think, what to do? Where am I going? for what and why? And I do not know very well what to answer, I already told you some time ago that I move by impulses that I do not know very well where they come from. Perhaps as the great Hernán says, I have the soul of the navigators of yesteryear (now with technology and comforts he, heh), who were insatiable always looking for adventure, new challenges and places to discover. What I do have clear is that I want to share it and at least get you to travel a little through my adventures that are yours …

Today passing through the westernmost part of the Taitao Peninsula at the entrance to the Gulf of Penas, we have enjoyed an incredible landscape, a mixture of rocks, lions, sea lions, dolphins, a bit of fog, mystery, we were able to talk to the lighthouse keeper of Cabo Raper (there are few left). With that image and the conversation with the lighthouse keeper we could feel like the navigators of yesteryear navigating the Aysén channels.

Congratulations Lucas

I want to send a very special hug to 2 very important people for me, Lucas Brashicht and if father Gabriel, yesterday Lucas (a great navigator) turned 18 years old. This young man, already quite a man, is an example of overcoming, navigator, pilot, great student, very good person, you should follow his youtube channel, it will give a lot to see, for me, Lucas is an example of overcoming and illusion for young people, all this would not have been possible without the drive and good work of Gabriel, his father.

There is my dedication and my admiration for both.

Joy sailors, let’s keep dreaming together…

As I told you I hope to be able to arrive tomorrow afternoon to the glacier of the Iceberg Sound, this crew deserves to enjoy it, I hope to send you photos from Puerto Edén and Nicolás’ super boat.

I pass the position

S 47,01.78 (let’s go for the 50..)

W 75.34.04

Heading 160

Speed 7 knots

UTC Time 03h

Temperature, cool very pleasant (the heating is great) thanks to Thermo-mechanical and the advice of Max in Valdivia, Greetings

Well whatever it is I stop giving you the badge …

Do not forget if you think that all this is worth you must do something and stop being spectators, share it, invite us to something, come, whatever but if you want to be part you have to participate in this

history in one form or another.

Joy Sailors

How beautiful it is to navigate the Aysén canals, dream and perform…

Don’t let them tell you, come and live it!


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