We are sailing on a sailboat through the Fuegian channels!!

Joy sailors!!

Here we continue, waging war…

We continue sailing south, at the moment we sail through this incredible beauty that is here between fjords and channels, we have some traffic and how can it be otherwise, every time we cross With a boat, it is usually in the narrowest areas of these channels. When passing the Guia pass I had to stop the boat before passing it, a freighter of 120 meters was coming from the front. This pass has a width of about 250 meters and in the middle of the night it is not very appropriate to cross with a boat of this size. We must bear in mind that we have to leave margin, the two ships, ashore and between us. The best thing was to wait 15 minutes and let it pass, here apart from the navigation rules also governs the rule that the biggest, let him pass, he, he, he.

Natural beauty

It rains at times, some low clouds and at dawn incredible landscapes begin to appear, waterfalls a strong green and clouds that are covering and showing the beauty of this area, in a way it is like a courtship that Nature is giving us in its path… This makes it more beautiful and intriguing.

In this area you can not be distracted, every little you have to refine the course and at night “everything is a lie”, both at sea and on land, nothing is what it seems, the distances are difficult to calculate the lights shine brightly and it always seems that they are too close already.

Dawn, the days are getting longer, dawn at about 5am and at 10pm there is still light. As we move south this will increase, in January God willing we will be in Antarctica and there we will not There will be almost darkness, they are things of this wonderful life that we nomadic navigators lead, adventurers.

The Doubloon is a robust and prepared sailboat

Every time we see more snow, it is not so cold and the heating of the boat works perfectly, you can be inside the boat in short sleeves and you do not have to cover much to sleep peacefully.

The boat is getting better, everything works correctly and the crew already know how to sail…

This is very important in the navigations I do with you, if I saw or felt that everything does not matter to them and they do not want to integrate into the dynamics of navigation, I would stop liking to take you out to sail, because what I really like is to share “this our dream” with you.

Our adventure in the hands of the weather

We are about 120 miles from the mythical Strait of Magellan, sailing through the Fuegian channels, there we will try to go out to the Pacific and try to make Cape Horn. If the weather did not allow us we would enter through Cook Bay and entering through the western part of the Beagle, we would take the opportunity to visit some snowdrifts. I really want and we want to do Cape Horn and if the weather gives us the opportunity … Of course we will (we’ll see what happens).

The crew is in a very good mood, they play the guitar, they sing and they are always smiling, this is what it is all about, where does it put that you have to be or be serious to navigate the world?

Heh, heh, heh, laugh is wonderful and the most natural medicine we have, please try to smile a lot and if you do not find what to laugh at then laugh at yourself, it is a great step to start …

I do not warm your head anymore, I pass the position and you google it a little.


E 50.58.22
W 74.14.58
Heading 166
Speed 7 knots
Wind 15 knots stern


There is still a cabin to occupy for the Snowdrifts from December 5 to 12 , I do not know how to explain that they are the most beautiful thing you are going to see in years … that opportunities are to be seized and the time is now…

Joy Sailors
Let’s dream together again, do not forget that I am here to be the tool of your and our dreams.
Stop rolling and let’s LIVE it!


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