Sailing with Spinnaker towards Ecuador!

This is a dream, I could not resist, I have loaded myself with beauty and go down to tell you.

It is 9pm on June 18, 2022 of our Lord and creator of all things… And many of them are wonderful.

We sail with light wind of up to 14 knots, La Mar is curly, we sail with the SPI under a blanket of stars, we do 7 to 9 knots, you only hear the rubbing of the hull on La Mar, now the whistle of boiling water for an infusion, which I do not like at all, In my case I’m more of a roncito…

See the image of the inflated SPI sailing through this wonderful ocean, adding the illusion that we all carry inside, I do not know very well how to transmit it, this moment is dreamed and come true, on one occasion I was called a dream maker … well maybe in a way they are right, dreams can come true, especially if you fight for them…


I know that some of you will think that all this can not be so wonderful, maybe you are right, it depends on the feelings with which you look at it. For my part I can not imagine anything better, to live, travel, feel, share, discover, learn, be nomadic … I could not imagine something better, but above all, to be able to share it leaving parts of me and them in me. From these pieces of our lives, for me it’s like living many lives. That is why I can only thank and thank every moment of the construction of this our dream.
Thank you!

What a barbarity! As I continue like this I will dedicate myself to writing love books … and I’m supposed to be a tough Spanish guy, sailor and hardened by life and La Mar… I don’t know… If I get to that profile…

The Spinnaker

Well we sail with SPI, we receive the stern-fin wind at 150 degrees from the bow, the SPI tangon I take it a little ahead, this allows me to work when the wind approaches the cross, when sailing great distances the important thing is not the perfection of the angle of the sail, the important thing is the margin of error that you can tolerate … This costs me from time to time some discussion with the purists of the sailing… They are always right and they will be… but this is another way of navigating, let’s call it “to the Pedro” “to the transmundista” or “to what I want” but those are the ones I like …

The largest goes with 2 curls (one is left over) but it doesn’t matter too much… We have reviewed the weather because the night is not the best option to navigate with SPI. Nacha and I have decided to continue with the SPI, no significant gusts appeared, the sky is clear, it seems that the wind will be weak and constant, anyway we have talked a little about the lowering maneuver of the famous SPI.

This is a sail which I respect, admire and fear, in weak winds it is wonderful you get to sail without having to start an engine (it is the solution) but as the wind rises … Such is the strength it acquires that it is ungovernable, that is why we have ordered that there should always be someone watching over it…

The journey

We are 635 miles from Salinas (Ecuador), the plotter says it will take between 3 and 4 days to arrive, there are times he says 2, but that is too much optimism, although the optimism here at Alegría Marineros is a gift…

We sail to the block of Lima, we are 70 miles which is like 120 km,
Can you believe you can see the glow of the city? Here you can appreciate the light pollution we create.
I pass the position in case you want to send a gift or fast food (please gluten free) I am trying not to eat with gluten and I do not know very well if it is because of that or not but I feel less bloated but I also have less energy … will have anything to do with it?

There goes the position

S 12.27.02 Where is the heat?
W 078.29.47
Heading 344
Speed 8 kts
Local time 22:10H
Huge mood

Joy Sailors!!

As I like to tell you things, thank you for being there…

See you soon, from Ecuador to Costa Rica? he,je


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