Today we enjoy Paradise Bay in Antarctica!

Joy sailors!!

This is the… Incredible, wonderful, amazing, it is so much that I do not know how to start telling you …

Portal Point, heaven meets earth, it’s like the nirvana of life, glaciers, icebergs, humpback whales jumping, you will see the photos, Wedell seals, penguin colonies, sun, this was incredible! What a beautiful day!! We went out with Leo, our expedition leader in three groups by Charlotte Bay, the first two enjoyed whales and seals. My group of the tripu we were not lucky, we will have it, I have never seen the jumps of humpback whales, but seeing the faces of those who saw them, it was worth it … if God, joy sailors You want, we will get to see them.

We set sail in the afternoon for Paradise Bay, a navigation of about 50 miles, the day went from a radiant sun to a fog with snowflakes. Dodging icebergs, this navigation passes through the Strait of Gerlarche. I want to emphasize that interpreting nautical charts in a completely white environment is very, very difficult, even having the data it is very easy to get wrong. On this occasion we were not wrong because we were brave and made prudent and common sense decisions.

Navigate making a course

I love sailing like this, discovering, doubting, listening, even getting angry from time to time because everyone thinks and has their theories …

It is very difficult to stay calm and not be influenced by the opinions and theories of others, the world of sailing is full of theories, which there is a very high percentage wrong, especially mine … It is part of the life of the navigator…

We are making a course of the area to be able to share with other navigators and serve as a guide for the next expeditions. I love this, being able to do it and disseminate it, deep down it makes us feel a little discovering, saving the differences with them who were heroes!

Now I’m writing in my cabin, suddenly I felt like I wanted to write and now there’s a lot of fuss on the ship, so here I’m hiding talking to you…

Climate change

This morning, we woke up again surrounded by ice, it was raining and that’s not Good sign. The peninsula and the continent are characterized by the lack of rain, here it never rains but it is raining this is the fault of global warming, we have to keep moving forward together and stop this! We are charging the planet…

Base Brown

Well, we visited the Brown base, which is empty, that’s why we were able to visit it, with the covid restrictions you can’t…

We climb to the top of a snowy hill, enjoy the beautiful views of Paradise Bay, for something it has that name … We went down imitating the penguins, chest to the ground and sliding like crazy, it was hilarious, doing the clown for a while is a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I will tell you the change of anchorage, we are abarloados to a Russian schooner of 40 meters and we have abarloado an aluminum sailboat of 15 meters, it seems that today there will be party … How I like parties! Tomorrow I’ll tell you…

I have yet to tell you about the abraloe maneuver, which has its crumb with katabatic winds, garreo and last minute solutions …

I’m going to the shower… and have fun at this event… We do the same the southernmost rave in the world… he,he,heh

Joy sailors ¡¡¡

What a beautiful dream!!

P.S.: Today I am especially happy, I received a very nice email, thank you!


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