If you do not know where you can spend your next vacation, this article will be interesting. Here we come to talk about Punta del Este, a tourist destination that more and more people know and enjoy.

If you’ve never heard of Punta del Este or, on the contrary, don’t know much about the site, don’t worry. In the following lines we are going to show you everything you can do in Punta del Este so that you can discover the most interesting activities and places of interest of this beautiful city.

Where is Punta del Este

First things first, know where Punta del Este is. Punta del Este is a city that is located in Uruguay, specifically, in the department of Maldonado. This city is located an hour and a half drive from the country’s capital, Montevideo.

Punta del Este is the second most visited destination in Uruguay behind the capital itself, which speaks very well of the city. The success of Punta del Este is due to the fact that the climate is very pleasant, since in summer the city is radiant and active, while in the rest of the year the climate is also pleasant and pleasant.

In addition to the climate, the large number of activities that can be carried out in Punta del Este make it the ideal destination for many tourists. This is one of the reasons why Punta del Este is recognized as an international city, since it is common to meet Argentines, Brazilians, Americans, French, English, Spaniards … In addition, it is also one of the most frequented destinations by many celebrities.

What to visit in Punta del Este

Although Punta del Este is not a very large city, the truth is that you can carry out many activities and visit several places of interest. Touring the city itself is already an attraction in itself, since it has many quiet neighborhoods of beautiful houses that are a gift for the eyes.

If you make a visit to Punta del Este and you can not think of what to do, here are some of the most promising ideas.

· La Mano Punta del Este

The Mano Punta del Este is one of the most famous sculptures in the city and that you have surely seen in several photographs. This sculpture is located on Brava beach and has ended up becoming one of the symbols of the city for its own reasons. The sculpture of La Mano de Punta del Este was inaugurated in 1982 and was made by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal.

One of the curiosities that this sculpture keeps is that it was made during the First International Meeting of Modern Outdoor Sculpture in Punta del Este, a meeting in which there were many disputes over the different sites to carry out the sculptures. Finally, Mario ended up choosing the beach itself as the location of the sculpture and ended up completing it in six days despite having all summer to make it.

· Punta del Este Museum

Minutes from Punta del Este is the new Museum of Contemporary Art Atchugarry, a proposal of the most innovative whose architecture stands out in the landscape.

This museum of contemporary art, as it could not be otherwise, has a large number of rooms with outstanding works of art to admire. In this museum you can enjoy the works of Argentine artists Julio Le Parc and León Ferrari, but also a wide variety of international artists.

Over time the exhibitions that arrive at the museum will vary, but it has already been possible to enjoy Heliographies of León Ferrari, an exhibition composed of 27 heliographic engravings of images composed with the figures of Letraset. Also highlight the exhibition of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, showing a lot of private exhibition pieces.

In addition to the works of art that are in the museum, it is standing out for the realization of a wide variety of activities. The arrival of this new museum has served to add more cultural sites to the city and new attractions for tourists.

· Sunset in Punta del Este

Enjoying a sunset in Punta del Este is one of those experiences that you remember for the rest of your life. In this case, it is best to do it walking through its port. Although it is not a very large port, in line with the city, it has a most interesting attraction, the sea lions.

While you take the walk through the port you will see these sea lions swimming or just resting out of the water. Very few places on the planet allow you to enjoy this form of nature, since sea lions are quite common to be away from cities.

At sunset the port is painted in colors while the sun goes down and one of the most desirable ways to enjoy it is with a little mate in your hand.

· Diving in Punta del Este

One of the most interesting activities you can do in Punta del Este is diving. In Punta del Este you will find several diving schools and operators so you can immerse yourself in one of the best kept wonders of Punta del Este, Isla de los Lobos.

Isla de los Lobos is one of the most interesting places to dive and is the favorite of tourists. This is because you will be able to dive among the sea lions. Another option to dive are the caves of Punta Ballena.

In these caves you can find a great diversity in terms of aquatic fauna. Inside these caves you can swim among sole, snails, turtles, crabs or mussels among all kinds of marine animals.

It is not necessary to have any experience or have the necessary equipment, since diving schools will lend you and teach you everything you need. Thanks to diving you can enjoy the sea from another point of view.

· Punta del Este Film Festival

Punta de Este is quite linked to cinema and good proof of this is the festival that takes place every year. This 2023 has been carried out in the month of February, between days 5 and 11 and it has been the delivery 25.

The Punta del Este film festival is an attraction for both moviegoers and those who do not have so much knowledge of cinema. This is a good opportunity to see less common productions, especially if you come from Europe.

In this last edition there has been a strong competition within the Ibero-American profile where Lobo de Mar has been the documentary awarded for the best realization. It is the most important film festival in Uruguay and increasingly attracts the attention of followers from all over the world.

· The weather in Punta del Este

Punta del Este has a fairly changeable climate during the four seasons of the year. This city is the windiest in Uruguay, which also favors that the daily and annual thermal oscillation is lower compared to other nearby cities.

During the summer the weather is warm, but not excessive. Thanks to the ocean breeze the temperature softens and the thermal sensation is much more pleasant. The warmest month in Punta del Este is January, with highs of 26º and lows of 18º.

Winter in Punta del Este is cool, windy and cloudy. The coldest month is July and has a maximum of approximately 14º and a minimum of 8º. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year, although it has a higher peak at the end of winter.


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