Technically we are quarantined aboard a sailboat.

Joy Sailors!!

But how immense this Pacific Ocean is!! We have about 6000 miles and there are still 2500 to Valdivia… Big, big…

We are now 500 miles from Rapa-Nui. I hope we can enter Chile without many problems, since we are quarantined on board the sailboat, about 17 days we will take and we have not stopped anywhere, I say it is a good guarantee.

It’s been a while since the wind started to go down. We have had more than 30 knots all day, so we have been jumping for 2 days and more than 2 days it is exhausting…

I’m already learning to score, before 30 knots, you have to remove the intersticks. They make the main stick suffer a lot, this morning I saw him doing that and the truth is a little scary to see that in the middle of a strong swell. I thought that after that eight came and I think that an eight can’t stand it. I pulled down the two intersticks and it became a more normal movement.

Today the day was very bright, the waves would have about 4 meters and every half hour a huge one arrived that wet the whole boat …

I’m tired and I don’t feel like writing, I hope you had a good weekend

I pass the Position

S 27.38.46

W 118.58.79

Heading 125

Speed 6 knots

Temperature (cool at night)

UTC time 11.20 h

Good to very good environment

I also leave here a link so you can see our position in real time.

Upcoming crossings:

-November 11 heading to Cape Horn by the Pacific to Ushuaia (for experienced sailors)

– December Snowdrifts (adventurers of any condition)

– January Antarctica (dreamers)

– February Antarctica and its bottoms (divers and dreamers)

– March Fuegian Channels to Valdivia (dreamers, nature lovers)

– April Pacific Crossing to the Marquesas (dreamers)

– May and June Marquesas and French Polynesia, (dreamers)

– July Pacific Crossing, Easter Island, Chile (dreamers)

Tell me what you think? It is very important that you start booking intention of place at least, the restrictions are ending and the places are limited.

Joy Sailors!!

I’m very tired


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