Sailing around the world, my big dream!

We are 180 miles from the Melchior archipelago, a group of islands located between the Palmer archipelago and the island of Brabant that has a small Argentine base that this year was covered by snow. Then we will sail to Cuverville where there is one of the most populated penguin colonies on the Antarctic Peninsula. There we will spend day 10 a front that will last about 24 hours, from there we will try to visit Paradise Bay and we can take a good walk to the top of a hill overlooking the entire bay.

From Paraíso we will begin to make northeast passing through Charlot Bay, perhaps one of the most beautiful areas of the Peninsula, full of icebergs and whales …

I hope we only have bad weather on the 10th and from there everything will be calm.

The crew

The crew is very good, they already passed the toll of Hornos that gave us half lasted about 36 hours, with gusts of up to 50 knots, now we are sailing with north wind and little intensity, we sail with the between sticks, supported by the engine the navigation is being pleasant, I think that in about 24 hours we will be arriving in Melchior.

Travel to Antarctica

This is my 5th Antarctica and for me it is becoming a bit monotonous, the body and mind is asking me for new adventures and projects, I think it will be difficult for me to find projects that exceed the expeditions to Antarctica but I will come up with something …

Anyway I will continue visiting this area of the world for many years I hope, but not so often, I have also marked to discover new anchorages and Antarctic places in each expedition …

You have to see how we humans are, insatiable and nonconformist, we always want more, this is what makes us progress but it is also a somewhat predatory attitude of humans which I do not see so positive (maybe I am becoming a little conformist?) he, he

Sailing around the world

It comes to mind to continue discovering this wonderful world, in fact I am preparing the Copernicus to give a lot of cane from next year … Panama / Mexico / Hawaii / Alaska / the Northwest Passage / North Atlantic / a little Caribbean and finally Polynesia. From there we go to New Zealand / Australia / Japan / India… uff what a lot of sites and projects to do. I would also like to prepare the project that I am maturing some time ago to prepare a line with El Doblón and go circumnavigating South America from Uruguay / Malvinas / Isla de los Estados / Ushuaia / Chilean Fjords / Antarctica / Fuegian Channels / Chiloé / Robinson Crusoe Island / La Herradura / Iquique / Salinas / Galapagos / Panama / San Blas / Cartagena de Indias / St Vincent / Trinidad / Guianas / Brazil / Uruguay, Heh, heh

Now that I’ve written it, I think I’m a little crazy and maybe it’s too ambitious, what do you think?

It is clear that all this without help will not be possible, I may have to abandon one of the two projects and if I have to choose one I will definitely keep the one to continue sailing the world … I hope I don’t have to choose and during these months until October to be able to organize myself to get everything done… We’ll see what happens.

The most important thing is that I get to enjoy them and be able to share them, for this I need help and a good team …

What a talk that has fallen on you, little by little we will see how events unfold

At the moment I am going to return to La Mar and what happens today that by the way is not very cold although the water continues to lower the temperature … It’s already at 3.6 degrees

I pass the position in case you want to Google

S 61.18.79
W 64.23.109
Heading 173
Speed 7.1 knots
Wind 19 knots
Address 345
We have stern wind waves of 3 meters fin a very pleasant and quiet navigation

Joy Sailors!!

How wonderful to be able to share these experiences and dreams.
Thank you all and see you soon, hope sailing together
Do not forget that life is one and of one and what you do not do and do not live will be lost and will not return…


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