We continue to sail the sailboat wheeled! as you know we walk without autopilot, it broke after waiting for him almost a month in Nuku hiva

Joy Sailors!!

The true dimension of things

Here it is 3.30h, I have no idea what time you have. Sailing on the wheel perceives another dimension of time, distance and speed. It is as if it were a regression to the past many years ago when our grandparents or great-grandparents had time to observe how the seasons passed. The trips were scheduled well in advance, time was allowed to run, we were patient, the distances were enormous … Well, he had his point

Moreover, I think that what long ago seemed slow and boring is beginning to have value, sailing and sailing is like returning to the past, to calm, to peace …

Here you resize the distances the size of things, look at this navigation we are doing, Nuku -Hiva / Easter Island, by plane would be 6 hours and we 17 days. One meter above sea level, riding every wave, living every sunrise and sunset… In order to live this we have to change the dimension of the reality we are living and it is not easy. It can be said that there are very few fortunate people who can afford to return to the rhythms and times of the natural order of life…

Cunt!! I do not know what I wanted to express but come on, that here everything happens very slowly the distances are very long and the world is huge … hehe

Well, that, that Alegría Marineros, are for Rapa Nui 1400 miles of nothing … It’s raining, we’re still motoring I think until Thursday. We have had to ensure a stern stay have jumped 2 threads and little more to tell …

Where are we?

Ah yes, what happened has sent you the position and continue with my guard of 7 hours of nothing …

N 21.28.96


Heading 105

Speed 7 knots

UTC time 14.00 h

Temperature is cooling

Crew encouragement Good

And of course, we continue to sail on a wheel and in organized shifts!

Joy Sailors

I’m leaving that I have to go to take the wheel half an hour and so we take turns …


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