Sailing the Drake, for the third time!

Joy Sailors!!

Again we are sailing through these waters, for me it is the third and I have the feeling that there will be a few more because I have to take you all … You should let me know to get organized…

This is wonderful what happens that when you do it several times you get used to seeing it and it seems normal but it is not.

We set sail yesterday from the vicinity of the American Base Palmer and shortly after setting sail we began to score, we have already more than 220 miles with our 3 sails bow and cross, the boat slides well and it feels well balanced, we have a little wiggle because the waves do not come in the same direction as the wind is now getting west and we have to stick a little more we will see what happens to along this guard is now 00 h and I have until o4.00, I already told you that Nicolás and I divide the guards of 7 hours each and the others run guards of 3 hours. It must be said that there are some who never show up…

I particularly think that the guards are very interesting and help to spend the day much more organized…

Resuming good habits

Today I started to pick up the book I’m writing… Well I do not know if it will be a book someday, but if my memoirs, in case my cousin the German comes and insists that I forget this exciting life that from my point of view I have, at least until yesterday.

I’m going by chapters, now I’m writing about my adventures in Uruguay and how I drove the prefectural crazy …

I take this opportunity to greet all that group of Uruguayans of the whatsapp group, I send you a Joy Sailors and I promise you that we will dance together again … What parties we have stuck!

This was the day

As I was telling you, we have been sailing all day accompanied by Gameros Petrels, beautiful, huge Albatrosses and some whales, the day was sunny and very cool, blowing from the southwest brings the cold of Antarctica, tomorrow we will be at the equator of the Drake passage and blow hard …

The boat is going well, the crew is better and I am happy, lately I have positive news that helps me a lot to be excited …

What a badge that I have stuck today ..

I pass the position because yesterday you did not approach any …

South 61.56.64
West 66.35.69
Speed 6.5
Heading 358
Wind 19 knots
Wind direction 271
Water temperature 0.7 degrees

It is noticeable that we are gaining latitude and that summer advances, today is the first day that it is getting dark … For days it was never night…

Well that, we arrive in about 3 days, we will rest 1 day and then we have to prepare the boat to set sail again on February 8, I am still not far from Antarctica and I want to return … It’s really impressive…

P.S. How is the collection for the thermometer? It only takes one… he,je

Joy Sailors

What a beautiful dream we are living…

Thank you for being there


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