Would you like to sail the Pacific with us?

Sailing the Pacific is undoubtedly an adventure, live it with us!!
Next year we will return, prepare your ocean crossing.

Joy Sailors!!

My name is Pedro Jimenez, I sail the world, I am determined to continue doing it and bring you to sail … heh, heh

It’s 03.00h, I’m on call, I have 5 hours left and I’m going to give you the news:

We continue schooning, we have 25 knots through, we walk at 8 knots. The Doubloon is stable, I keep repeating how good the small sails and many feel to this boat. We wear genoa, 2 entrepalos and the largest with a curl. The trick is not to heel much and maintain good power, once we have inertia there is no one to stop us, heh, heh

Tomorrow we will try to put a crude to the ratchet to stay calmer. In the mainmast we have used the amantillo that is made of steel to mount a crude of fortune, it is very important to preserve and take care of, there are still about 4500 miles to Valdivia.


I really want to get to Valdivia and come back with Joy, will you remember me? Returning to Nautica Kunstmann, giving a hug to Patricio, Ludbig and all the friends who are out there without forgetting David Cueto and Cristian who came to the US to work like never before…
Maybe my friend Carlos and Isabel will come to Valdivia for a few days and as soon as I can I will take a leap to my beloved Spain to be with my children, Erasmo and Erika, but soon I will have to return to Chile to prepare the following expeditions.

Upcoming expeditions:

  • Objective Cape Horn
  • Glaciers
  • Antarctica
  • Antarctica
  • Fuegian channels
  • Valdivia
  • Valdivia – Juan Fernández – Pascua – Marquesas
  • 2 months by Marquesas
  • Return to Chile passing again for Easter

You have no excuse!!!
I doubt that there is a better offer of navigation in the world, from Antarctica to Polynesia, I do this so that you do not walk with the roll of “I do not like the cold … I don’t like the heat” heh, heh
You have no escape so on this page,

you take a look you invite us to a beer if possible Kunstmann and choose your dream!

Sailing the Pacific Ocean

Sailing the Pacific Ocean

I send you the position that I do not want claims …

S 2.29.13

W 133.16.50

Heading 210

Speed 8.5 knots

Distance to Nuku-Hiva 554 miles

UTC time 11h 11 minutes (my preferred number)

Wind 25 knots to the block

PS. I want to send memories to a few friends I have with me:

Roberto, Diego, Carlos, Malu, Jakeline, Luismi, Gabriel, Lucas, Wilfredo, Roberto Sousa, Guillermo, Javier, Juanpi and so many that I am carrying inside me, a hug to everyone from the middle of the Pacific where everything is symmetrical …

Joy Sailors!!

My dream, your dream…

Don’t let them tell you… let’s live it!!


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