Sailing through the Pacific on a sailboat

Crossing the Pacific on a sailboat, finishing the first stage.

We are 12 miles from La Herradura, the end of this first stage to the World.
850 rich ocean miles, practically pure sailing, with an incredible crew, where once again, everyone integrated and enjoyed (at least that’s what I perceive).

We have been able to get to know each other, navigate in different situations, these journeys are so intense that it seems that we have been sailing together for a long time. It gave us time to tell each other our concerns, calm stress and learn a lot from each other, it is very enriching … That’s how I’ve been doing it for 4 years now and this is good for me…

Thanks to these 6 brave pioneers of navigation at this time, I do not think that during this season there are many who make these crossings sailing through the Pacific on a sailboat through these latitudes …

Thanks to José, Gloria, Esteban, Valentina, Mauricio, Nacha from “Casa bote” and all those who are aware, this has been like sailing with all of you.

Now we are doing “Motorada” as Javier del Caño would say (I send you a hug), we have sea in the background and we wiggle more than we would like (there is little left)

Today we visited Dama Island, Choros Bay, we saw 2 whales, we had a glass of wine in the village and we laughed a lot…

In a few hours we arrive on land and the war against time and life in the system begins, some repair, cleaning, order, shopping, hospital for my arm, farewells, reunions with friends in this area, I want to see the brothers of the coast of Guanaqueros.

Praying to St. Nicholas

We have some problems, one of the pilots is failing, from time to time he loses rudder data, I think from his position and changes course without warning.

I hope that Nicolas who is a specialist in these matters can guide me a little with the solution to this problem …

Well, otherwise, all this is wonderful, maybe even more wonderful than you think… heh, heh

I send you a hug to all now I will be a few days without writing because life on land consumes me … And on June 8 or 9 we continue with the great adventure of navigating life and the world … We are going to Ecuador!! 1650 miles.

You still have time to come… Only one place left

Joy Sailors!! Let this dream come true and become part of our lives…

Thank you


There is still some place for the Antarctica of February, the last of the season!
Don’t let them tell you…


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