We are already halfway through the journey sailing to Deception Island.

Joy Sailors!!

We are all here, the crew came back to life, they are finally marinized and begin to enjoy the adventure!

Today is making a Mediterranean day, lots of light soft wind and calm sea, everyone ate well and are in very good spirits.

When you have sailed more than 50% of the crossing, psychologically everyone is encouraged, I think in about 30 hours we will be anchoring in Whalers Bay. Bets are being made on who will be able to bathe in the hot springs, the problem seems to be getting out and into the water. 2 years ago I was left with the desire, I hope this time to be brave and that the weather allows it …

We will be in Deception Island one day and then we will sail to the authentic Antarctica, we will anchor in D”Hainaut, south of Trinidad Island.

A family of Orcas

That’s nice! The sun is setting, we also have almost a full moon and a family of orcas came to visit us, what screams and illusion in the crew, we are arriving at paradise … My hands have frozen from recording… It’s a struggle to want to watch and record at the same time, then I’ll go through the videos to see what comes out…

I go outside to see the green ray… heh, heh, heh, how I like this life! I ‘m going…

Here I am again and this time the green ray was clearly seen… It is said that when you see it, you are at peace with yourself and balanced, the truth is that I feel that way…

Returning to the orcas, they were 7 or 8 and some offspring, they are impressive and you can not help but think what happens in the Mediterranean, by God do not play rugby with us, it seems that they did not care …

What a wonderful day and I hope that from now on we will not stop seeing life in this wonderful area.

Joy Sailors

We have to continue enjoying what we have, we are going to live it, we are lucky …


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