Sailing on a sailboat to Robinson Crusoe, almost flying!

Heh, heh, This does not look like a sailboat, it looks like a ferry, we sail fin with winds of 20 knots, waves of about 3 meters in the Pacific Ocean, the temperature rises slightly, we do up to 10 knots of speed, this is simply wonderful, the crew is doing well, there is only a dizzy and a half …

We are 111 miles from Concepción, about 275 miles from sailing to Robinson Crusoe, if Eólo and his colleagues want, we will arrive in a day and a half. Once there we will see what happens with the authorities, if they let us disembark or beat a world record … I think I am the only person in the world who has sailed 2 times to the Juan Fernández Archipelago and they do not let me disembark, the same happened at Easter.


Hello again leave the post halfway now it is night like 11.45h and everything changed … well, now there are 220 miles, heh heh

I’m back again, we had to curl the major, we were doing tips of 14 in the Copernicus and that starts to be a lot … heh, heh,
How I like to sail!

Let’s see if now I can finish the “Post”, the truth is that I do not mind stopping, finally now I have time … It is clear that I do not know how to handle very well on land, everything is haste, trouble and problems on the other hand totally necessary to continue navigating is as if something inside me tells me: run, run that if you do not hurry the earth tries to catch you, heh, he

What I like is sailing and traveling, well also laugh, almost that’s what I like the most. It seems that I also like to get into trouble and of course it is to overcome them, that’s the beauty of trouble.

All this is pure life and I try to live it with intensity.


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