I’m Pedro Jimenez and I take you to navigate the world, this time sailing towards Rapa Nui

Joy Sailors!!

We set sail yesterday from Nuku Hiva, we have just over 24 hours of navigation, our route takes us to pass between the archipelago of Tuamotu (maybe we stop at an atoll) then we will continue towards the archipelago of Gambier, there are still about 700 miles… and at that point we hope that the wind role to set course for Rapa Nui (Easter Island) now there are 1955 miles left

After waiting for the pilot’s bomb to arrive and having to do almost the impossible to connect it, it only worked 7 hours… So we go without autopilot and letting the trim of the boat keep us on the right course. At the moment it is easy to navigate tight and have keel run you just have to be aware and give some rudder stroke to correct, the difficult thing will come when we have fin wind, there we will have to work all …

Nicolas has asked for the cutting of the pump, because apart from having a leak through the filler cap mysteriously stopped raising oil pressure, we believe that the problem is in the pressure pressure valve that serves to release the pressure, tomorrow we disassemble it and we will see if there is any piece of something preventing it from closing (perhaps when welding the hoses some piece of something is obstructing the valve …) I already told you some time ago how the subject of theories works in ships and how they evolve as we err …

The truth is that we are sailing towards Rapa Nui and it is being nice, my guards and Nicolas’ are 7 hours every 7 hours, things are going well and I have fallen asleep in my first 2 guards … that is to say that I have arrived late…

The rest of the crew does 3 hours every 12 and at the moment they do not complain

Tomorrow we will be close to the archipelago of Tuamotu and we will have to be very aware, we will see how we are given …

We still do not know if we will stop at Gambier or not, it depends on how the review of the new pump evolves.

Joy I send you the position in case anyone wants to approach

S 11.47.47

W 139.49.61

Heading 170

Speed 5.5 knots

Apparent wind 23 knots

UTC Time 05.51

Well, that what Joy Sailors, how a little mosque by the bomb after waiting a month

but what are we going, let’s go.

Joy Sailors!!

My dream your dream

Let’s live it

Life is one and of one

PS: These texts are sent from the high seas where we do not have coverage, just to send an email with only text, the photos are added by the companions of Expeditions Alegría Marineros and can not correspond to the moment I write these words, I hope you understand …


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