Joy Sailors!!

I’m Pedro Jimenez, I sail the world and I’m determined to take you out to sail!

El Ecuador

We have been sailing for 15 days from Mazatlan, just over a month from Los Cabos and we maintain the schedule of crossings. There are 800 miles left for French Polynesia and barely 80 miles to cross the Equator and return to the Southern Hemisphere.

s very exciting to feel this sensation again, this is the second time I cross the Equator under sail, the previous one was arriving in Brazil and landing on another wonderful island, Fernando de Noronha. This time it will be Nuku-Hiva in Polynesia our island to land.

If they told me a few years ago that my life would be like this, I wouldn’t have believed it.
This shows that if you want, you can and if you can do it…

Well here we are sailing, living, knowing, enjoying, suffering, living together and telling it,
this life is wonderful! and there is
no more to discuss.

This crossing is being a bit atypical, as we approach the Equator it is colder, the days are temperate and the nights cool (little) Tomorrow we will cross it and see what ritual we do, I will tell you.

The State of El Doblón

We have some small breakdown, from my point of view they are few if we think that the boat went from almost forgotten to full of affection in just 4 months. There is a problem with the roots of the popels that Nico is already thinking about to solve. If we find someone who welds (well) in Polynesia we will solve it and if not, we will also solve it, the rest is unimportant, place some rough, paint a little, sew a candle, change oils and what comes out until we arrive …

The boat is sailing very well, we are already knowing the way to navigate it, it is different from that of the Copernicus, this boat must be navigated with many small sails to distribute the forces and we must avoid heel as much as possible. Yesterday we did 95 miles in 12 hours and now it is sailing with 13 knots at 6.5 knots, it helps us some current and the sea is small, we still have no ocean wave. We have already passed the equatorial calms and sailed to the block, if we continue like this in 5 or 6 days we will arrive at Nuku-Hiva.

I think they will let us disembark, we are all vaccinated and I hope they accept these days of navigation as quarantine, I would very much like to spend several days touring the island and grabbing contacts for the following season in which we will return through this area. I also want to spend a couple of days in some uninhabited Atoll, then we will make the departure from Gambier which is further south, later we will try to reach Easter Island to know it and set course for my beloved Valdivia.

As I mentioned the other day the calendar is already outlined (take note)

Voyage Calendar

  • November 10 Valdivia – Cape Horn – Ushuaia
  • December Snowdrifts (beautiful easy navigation)
  • January 22 Antarctica
  • February Antarctica
  • March channels Fueguinos Ushuaia – Valdivia
  • May Pacific crossing Valdivia – Juan Fernández – Easter – Polynesia
  • June and July, Polynesia
  • August Polynesia – Easter – Valdivia
  • November Valdivia – Cape Horn – Ushuaia

I think it is a very interesting calendar and that you should start visiting this website ( and go dreaming and booking places.

Let’s not forget that in principle we have this life to realize dreams and we must not leave anything pending for the next life just in case …

I pass the position in case you want to come right now …

N 0.47.73

W 129.54.54

Heading 210

Speed 6.6

Wind 15 very tasty knots

As you can see we are almost in the N-S 0.00 he, je

Joy Sailors!!

How beautiful this dream and that it is worth as a tribute to all those who have accompanied this dreamer-navigator who by an illusion, beauty and the sea changed and dedicated his life to pursue our dreams …

Thank you all for being there.

If you think it’s worth sharing this dream… the more we are, the closer we will be to Him

Joy Sailors!!


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