Arriving by sailboat to the South Shetland Islands

Joy Sailors ¡¡¡

We sail south to the end of the world, heh, heh, here it is difficult to get lost, the white continent is huge, the largest of all, the issue will be not to get lost on the way back … he,je

The weather at the moment is behaving wonderfully, all the crew is well and active. I think in about 3 or 4 hours we will see
the South Shetland
and from there we will go to Deception Island.

Looking forward to Antarctica

There are so many desires to see Antarctica, that a couple of hours ago Vicky and Paula were in the Carajo looking for land and whales, the truth is that yesterday the family of Orcas left us all wanting more …

This time we go with the expedition leader, Leopoldo Soibelzon which is like going with the Messi of Antarctica and we will visit the bays of the area with greater density and variety of life, in addition to being able to recognize birds, cetaceans etc … This is priceless.

This crossing of the Sea of Sickles or Drake Passage is being very quiet and peaceful, I hope it continues like this, where does it put that you have to suffer? truth? But when it’s time to suffer, I hope that as little as possible, you have to remember that it is also quiet …

We are all very excited, we are getting to know each other, each one is from his father and mother but we are united by a common factor, the adventure of our lives … and the illusion for what we are doing and living. They can say not to tell them… They’re going to live it live…

Then I’ll keep telling you…

You can already see Livingston Island completely snowed.

We are sailing through the Boyd Strait in about 5 miles we will change course towards Deception Island we will arrive in about 5 hours and spend the day visiting the old whaler and if there is any brave / a we will bathe in hot springs, we will see …

Where the sun barely goes down

How wonderful! It is 2.30 h and it is already dawning again, at this latitude it does not get dark, we are waiting for the possible appearance of ice, last night it snowed a little on El Doblón.

This area of the world is wonderful, keep in mind that we are reaching the end of the world…

We are all very happy and excited, the day after tomorrow a strong wind front arrives from the southwest and we will have to seek refuge, we will see where, for the moment we will continue to enjoy the power that is here …

We have Snow Island on the port side and how can it be otherwise it is full of snow.

I pass the position in case you want to come for a walk here, there is always coffee for visits …

S 62.46.47
W 61.52.28
Heading 155
Speed 6.5 knots
Weak wind of 220
And the temperature I can not tell you exactly because I am waiting for someone to give us a thermometer with maximum and minimum to put it on deck … Thank you very much for the collection to give it to us … he,je

Joy Sailors!!
We continue to fulfill dreams and we are also telling it…


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