Today we were visited by the spirits of Tierra del Fuego

Since yesterday began to happen events of very difficult explanation …

Yesterday we had a wonderful day, a little warrior but wonderful, sailing, very strong gusts of wind, the boat was going like a charm, the crew was relaxing watching a series that I always put on the crossings, it is called Adventum. It deals with navigators and discoverers of the times when men were makers of their own legends, from Christopher Columbus to Magellan, El Cano, Nuñez de Balboa etc.

Suddenly we heard an explosion and a beam of yellowish light, the first thought was: lightning struck us, we all got scared, I started to check the electronics, everything works, at least it turns on, I did not find any burning loophole for any spark on the outside.

The lights outside work properly, inside too, we do not stop having theories, a cannon, the electrostatic charge, dawn star, a shot, a small lightning, in this area of the world there are practically never thunderstorms and throughout the day we did not see any lightning or hear thunder.

I’ll tell you, the noise was like that of a sawed-off shotgun, maybe a little more, we did not find a logical explanation and I do not want to enter the world of spirits or those scrolls …

Laps on autopilot

A few minutes later the autopilot started to fail, I went crazy changing auto mode, drift, wind and nothing, I didn’t pay attention, I made my own decisions … The rest of the day the boat had to be carried by hand.

This morning we fought with the pilot, Nicolas discovered that he does not find the grades from 240 to 120. Well, this magnetic compass is placed in the cockpit from Seattle, without giving problems. This morning we have taken it outside and it already works perfectly, we also have our theories on the subject: The magnetic deviation of the area, our proximity to the South Pole, the mysterious explosion, the spirits…

Finally we anchor in another wonderful place not mapped by Navionics, this time we will call it El Doblón bay.

Your position

S 54.57.75

W 70.15.06

Here we have anchored in the middle of this spectacular bay with river, lake, green field and trees, also with some snow at the top of its valley …

Let’s go what has been a piece of paradise, at times I felt installed there in a few years, if it is beautiful, has water and is fertile I do not think you need much more to live (well the Netflix)

The fact is that we tied our cape to land to a very thick tree, more or less than one meter in diameter, because this morning we were no longer tied to land the cape was floating and the knot very difficult to release …

The Williwaws

These areas of the south I already told you suffer the famous williwaws and if you are anchored in front of a valley with high mountains, the gusty wind runs with incredible force, they are able to lift the water in their path creating a kind of very strong white mist.

Last night we had three or four systems of these and with such force that we uprooted the entire tree, we had to pull the tree out of the bottom and untie it with a lot of effort.

I think that with these 3 things out of the ordinary that happened yesterday, we already have enough for a few days, today for now we will visit a couple of snowdrifts and head towards Puerto Williams … I imagine we will arrive at dawn…

Joy Sailors

I hope to see you soon…

The 27th in Madrid is going well?


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