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Spring Base in Antarctica

We tried to visit Base Primavera in Antarctica

Joy Sailors!!!

After a day and a half refugees in the eastern part of Trinidad Island, where we have marked a new anchorage that we have baptized as, Bahia Alegría… We return to set sail towards Spring base, where the other day we could not enter due to the ice and shaking waves at its entrance, it is always better a step back than 2 against the ice … he,je

Today's weather

Now we have winds of 25 knots from the bow and according to the weather, it will go down if we do west, I really want to visit the Spring Base in the Cierva cove, I do not like to leave anything impossible … (although it can only be visited if it is uninhabited) I am a stubborn, also this area according to our expedition leader, Leo, has a lot of life and the truth is that I want to inflate myself to see the life of the area, we will try to anchor in the cove and tomorrow pass sailing through Escondida cove that has a huge glacier full of life.

Life smiles at us

It seems that we will have good weather the next few days and we will be able to enjoy this unique paradise in the world.

Around here everything is going well, the crew is in good spirits the pieces are fitting together and the best of all is coming out, they have taken the wait very well at the Alegría anchorage (we will continue to put names where we can)

We are preparing a small course to expand the one that happened to us those of the Atlantis boat and to be able to continue passing to other sailors. I have also put the Navionics to work that although it does not have Antarctic charts… Yes, it marks the backgrounds and I am also leaving the navigation track.

And about the Captain...

For my part, I am happy and eager to continue living this magnificent adventure and to continue receiving friends and crew. In a few days another group will arrive and I sincerely hope that everyone can come.

Here I do not receive news from the outside world (your world) and I do not know how the bug and the rules of the authorities are going, it is exhausting what we have lived these last 2 years making plans always with the possibility of not being able to make them come true. This stresses me a lot because I am a director of plans and book dreams…

I am very happy with everyone, they laugh a lot and have a great companionship in addition, it shows that they know how to value what we see and feel …

Thank you for your comments I would like to know if you have any questions or questions and be able to solve it from here, if possible.

Remind you that on April 1 we sail to Puerto Natales, it is a beautiful expedition and then we will continue to Puerto Edén / Chiloé and Valdivia, you should not miss this area of the world, it is one of the most beautiful I saw in my life …

Joy sailors!!

This is our dream, where further could we go?

I’m going to try to convey to you what is happening at the moment…

It is 02h on January 20, 2022

The one who achieved this beauty, if it was God we must congratulate him and if he was not, he was a God … the night is not night, it has light to see everything perfectly, the night is calm, there is no wind, we rock with small waves brought by the current, the boat is surrounded 360 degrees by ice of all sizes, they creak with the thaw, it rubs with our hull, it is like a dance, the thunder of the glacier sounds when releasing its excess ice, The icebergs pass us by very slowly, the penguins jump and fly underwater, the stillness of the gloom, the all white, the amazement of the crew, our thoughts, the illusion, the challenge of being isolated, the uncertain adventure, the companionship, the desire to wake up tomorrow and continue discovering …

Then you wonder, why are you here? What has it brought you? What more can you ask of life? Was it our destiny? Have we provoked it? Why do we have this privilege? and I can’t answer myself, I can only give thanks and keep thanking… the only way I can think of is, to continue enjoying it and sharing it would be selfish to shut this up… Don’t you think?

Spring Base

Tomorrow we will sail with the chinchorro to the Primavera base, as it is uninhabited we can visit it… We will walk among penguins and we will continue sailing very slowly between cove and cove, stopping where we want, looking for whales, leopard seals or whatever nature offers us, what it gives us, we will accept it with great enthusiasm. Do Hundreds of photos and videos, during the next few days our senses and memory will undergo a revolution and from this experience we will be much more sensitive to the beauty and respect of life, nature and the environment …

The opportunity

I wish with all my strength to have managed to attract the attention of your senses and for a few seconds to have moved you here …

Dear sailors and friends, how much is this worth? It simply cannot be calculated, it is directly exponential to our desire to live our dreams and illusions…

If you have the opportunity to live it you have to live it either Antarctica as the Mediterranean or the Camino de Santiago …

Life is one and of one… Of course, it is much better accompanied…

Joy Sailors!!!

We are telling it and also living it…

I can’t express it any better, but I’ll keep trying…


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