The island of the States, here we go!

Joy Sailors ¡¡¡

Don’t let them tell you… Even so, I’m going to tell you a little bit…

We are sailing through the Mitre peninsula heading east, I have returned to the Atlantic after 2 years and it is receiving us with winds of 25 to 30 knots waves of 3 meters and a current in favor of 2 knots, we sail With Genoa and two chopsticks, we do 8 to 9 knots, the boat behaves very well, the crew is in very good spirits and impressed by this navigation of the last 3 days. It can be said that we are doing a full-fledged ocean navigation, there is only one crew member dizzy.

Staten Island

There is a very pleasant sun and leeward is warm, we will end up brunette. I estimate that in about 8 hours we will be anchoring in the island of the States, our intention was to stay in the Mitre peninsula but for safety we will reach the iconic island of the States. This is the 3 time I visit it and I do it delighted, for me it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, its orography, history and its location make it unique and mysterious.
We will try to visit the End of the World Lighthouse, a small colony of King Penguins and Lake Dufour at the top of the island, maybe on the way back we will try to visit a snowdrift, we will see …

The peace that gives me sailing

When I navigate my life is regulated, I rest, I smile and we have an exchange of experiences and dreams, the journey becomes a common project where we all feel united and happy to be here,

We try to keep memories, images and sensations, we use recording devices but nothing comparable to the experience that remains in our soul. An unforgettable memory that we will transmit to our loved ones for many years…

I will never tire of saying it ” life is already wonderful and if we add dreams and projects it also becomes full “

You have to encourage yourselves and add to your lives the realization of your dream, whatever it may be.

Meeting in Copernicus, Madrid

In a few days I will return to my beloved Spain, on December 27 I would like to meet with all of you to see each other, hug each other and share these experiences lived this last year. I am preparing you

photographs to be able to transmit the lot of messes in which I got into, he, he, he. I love messes and intense life

You know the 27 at 20 h in the Sala Copérnico in Fernández de los ríos 67, Madrid, I wait for you eager to feel and know that we have dreamed together, even if it is by this means …

I would very much like to have the ability to take you even a few hours to this world of adventure, illusion and passion to see and feel the world.

I pass the position in case you want to look for it

S 54.58.90

W 65.23.39

Heading 90

Speed 8.5 knots

Vento 25 knots west

Very pleasant temperature and a sunny day with a lot of visibility

Anyway you could not be better, only your faults!

Joy Sailors

Don’t let them tell you, come and live it!

Your dream my dream and I am also your tool if you need it …


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