Enjoying the beautiful sea

How beautiful is this dream!! … we have been sailing for 2 days with strong fin wind, today we reach 15.4 knots of speed in a surfed and that we are curly, the waves begin to have a size close to 4 meters, the Sea is beautiful, full of strength and life. We have a lot of wiggling on board, the crew holds up very well and so do I, we are curling and sailing according to the force of the wind, today we had gusts of almost 40 knots, which is not much wind but the wave is making it a bit exhausting …

We are eating very well, today touched Russian salad with tuna, do not see the amount that still remains of the tuna that Hernán and Quique caught, was more than 20 kg.

We have already crossed the Gulf of Arica, there are about 650 miles to reach Nonura Bay and from there only 200 and little to Salinas.

How good to arrive in a new country, new customs, new life, this is what I really like about this life: “The adventure of living”, who is signed up? It is not easy but if you can, treat yourself, that life happens and not on a sailboat, it goes much faster …

Grand Captains

The day is about to end, the guards are going very well, we are 7, Nacha and I act as captains and cover 24 hours a day, I have to congratulate her from here, she is very responsible and has a great sense of Captain, I congratulate her from here because I almost do not see her, heh, heh, when I am on duty, she sleeps and vice versa, if one day you need to do some transport or someone to sail I already know a few that gives pleasure to sail with them, Nicolás, Paula Cavicchia, Nacha, Lucas Hernádez and myself maybe it can be worth it, heh, heh, you know that I like trouble …

Well, it’s time to put navigation lights, check the boat before night and continue giving cane to life … which is only one and of one…

I pass the position

S 15.31.55
W 077.16.64
Heading 335
Speed from 8 to 15 knots
Local time 18.35
Temperature, we keep improving
Meneo, a lot
Mood of the crew, very good, they are already marinized

Joy Sailors !!!

My dream your dream… Don’t be told… come and experience it here at the Copernicus-Doubloon, home of noble-hearted pirates…

Do not forget that we are going to Costa Rica, who is coming…?


There is still some place for the Antarctica of February, the last of the season!
Don’t let them tell you…


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