The best beaches in Mar del Plata

The Mar de Plata is one of the favorite destinations for many tourists as a holiday resort. This is due to the quality of the beaches found in this part of the Argentine coast.

What are the best beaches in Mar del Plata?

If you are thinking of enjoying the benefits of these beaches, but you are not sure which beach to visit, in this article we are going to help you. Here we are going to show you some of the best beaches you can find in the Mar de Plata so you can enjoy your holidays more.

· Big Beach

Playa Grande is one of the most famous beaches in Mar de Plata. One of the reasons that serves to better understand its popularity is its proximity to the Los Troncos neighborhood.

This beach is one of the favorites of youth for being the center of after beach and nightlife, the atmosphere is never lacking on this beach, especially in summer. Near this beach you can find several bars and bolinches, so fun is never lacking.

On the other hand, Playa Grande lends itself to a large number of events and activities dedicated to tourism. Good proof of this is the Bikini Open. It has a private area, possibility of renting umbrellas and public area.

In addition, we must also highlight the variety of gastronomic services to have lunch. Finally, if you like surfing and kitesurfing, in Playa Grande you can practice and admire it.

· Punta Mogotes

Punta Mogotes is a beach that is especially liked among those who seek tranquility. This beach is an excellent claim to rest and enjoy the sea, especially if you go with the family.

It is a beach suitable for all audiences, designed for tourists, large groups, couples, families … anyone who wants to enjoy a beach of great amplitude and generous coast can have fun in Punta Mogotes.

This beach has around a lot of hospitality businesses. You can complement your visit to the beach with shops, spas, cafes, restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine, football fields, volleyball or paddle tennis courts.

Punta Mogotes has a perfect complex to enjoy the sport and then cool off in the sea.

· The Spa

El Balneario is another of the most famous beaches in Mar de Plata. This beach is perfect for families because it offers a lot of services, both for adults and for the youngest.

In Balneario you can find swimming pools, warm jacuzzis and all kinds of sports courts to play football, paddle or basketball among others.

· The Booth

La Caseta is one of the most exclusive beaches you can find in Mar de Plata. It is one of the favorite beaches among celebrities, so it is quite likely that you will find one if you dare to go for a dip in the sea.

One of the reasons why it is one of the favorites of celebrities is its services. In La Caseta you can enjoy massages and yoga to relax and release all the accumulated stress of everyday life. On the other hand, this beach usually has low tide, which makes it especially attractive to visit if you go with children.

Beyond the relaxation offered by its services, it is also quite famous among young people for its proximity to many afters. If you go to La Caseta it is quite likely that you will find theme parties that have live djs.

· The Reserve

La Reserva is another of the most famous exclusive and private beaches in Mar de Plata. This private beach is located in the Terrace Hotel & its Beach Club complex. This complex has quality services where its three heated swimming pools or the solarium terrace stand out. This will allow you to enjoy the site even if the weather does not accompany.

It also has sports courts for lovers of tennis and paddle, as well as a sports center for all kinds of sports. Otherwise, La Reserva has a golf course with 9 holes, ideal for lovers of this sport.

In La Reserva you will also find many activities that can be carried out in the sea, for example, you can practice windsurfing, surfing, bodyboarding or rent jet skis. A wide variety of different activities for all tastes.

· Serena Beach

Playa Serena is another of the most emblematic of the Mar de Plata. It is a lying beach, since its name can give us clues that it is a quiet beach, but it is really the opposite.

Playa Serena is characterized by having a strong and high waves. This makes it a very fun beach for bathers and, of course, where more and better you can enjoy sports such as surfing.

This beach is located near the center of the General Pueyrredón neighborhood, so it is close to a large number of shops and restaurants.

· White Sands

Finally, Arenas Blancas, known as the ecological beach. This white sand beach is located next to the port’s nature reserve. One of the best known characteristics of Arenas Blancas is, as its name suggests, the white sand it has.

On the other hand, not only stands out the neatness of its sand, but also its crystal clear waters are worthy of recognition. This beach is close to a spa and in this there are two warm pools, both for children and adults as well as a spa.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches you can find in Mar de Plata because of how clean it is and its good water condition. Without a doubt, it is one of the beaches where the photos are best due to its beauty.


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