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Today we are going to ask you for help, as you know these days ago I was named “brother” of the Brotherhood of the Nao de Quintero in Chile. One of my new “brothers” named Vladimir, “SeaHorse” is a historian. Between sea voyages and sea talks, SeaHorse tells me that he has been studying for quite some time. Juan Fernandez, Illustrious Spanish navigator, from Cartagena who discovered, among other things, the archipelago that bears his name off the coast of Valparaiso in Chile and to which belongs the one known as Robinson Crusoe Island that inspired Daniel Defoe To write the homonymous novel in which a castaway survives on a desert island for 28 years, is one of the most famous works of the English writer and is considered the first English novel.

SeaHorse tells me that there is a controversy regarding the physical appearance, specifically the true face of Juan Fernández.

How can you help us?

We are looking for any data that we approached the true face of the illustrious navigator since Brother Vladimir works on a project to put a statue of Juan Fernández in the archipelago and another in the Rautén valley where he settled with his family and later died. Logically the intention is that at least the statues resemble the navigator.

If you have any data, illustration, photo or link that can help us you can write to Vladimir

Joy Sailors!!


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