The freedom of sailing is unmatched!!

Joy Sailors

Happiness returned… The freedom that gives you to sail on a sailboat… After two hard days that I have been through, it is clear that I am savage. Rules are not my thing… I understand perfectly that they must be fulfilled and respected but the lack of habit and freedom that I have lived for almost 4 years, make me anxious when I have to be accountable to the system.

The administration

What a lot of restrictions and doubts… Before the changes of route were dictated by the weather and the illusion, now it is the administration that protects us and protects us … “It’s for our safety and the common good,” it’s true! But to those of us who are used to moving with the wind, we have the feeling of wearing shackles on our legs every time we look out the window of the administration, today for example I have passed the same nerves that happen as when you had an important exam and your future depends on the interpretation of your teacher, I even had a bad face of energy consumption due to nerves and anxiety… All this has its part positive when you get out of it you feel happy and your destiny is free and adventurous again (nomads are like that) you appreciate more than before the value of this way of life and you smile again …


We set sail at 5pm, we had 30 knots aft, sailing on the Beagle is always a pleasure, right on the border of these two beautiful countries between mountains, some snow and pure sail …

The crew

Today embarked a new group of friends, we are 12 plus 1, we know each other little, we are united by the passion for sailing and traveling. It has been to start sailing and we have all joined, I will not tire of repeating it sailing is wonderful and for this part of the world is the most!

It seems that everyone is happy, me too, I sail and the mood changes me, this is wonderful…

Tomorrow we will sail about 120 miles where the wind takes us, I just hope we continue like this, today we have started to maneuver, everyone cooperates, it is wonderful!

I can not say more that JOY SAILORS this dream is wonderful and that you do not stay to read it, YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT!


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