Joy Sailors!!

Here we continue, advancing, it is already the seventh day of navigation, we have 900 miles from Nuku-Hiva and we have 1320 left for Rapa-Nui, about 9 days.

We are trying to pass between 2 anticyclones, one is to the south and the other to the north and either of the two would give us a headwind. I hope they don’t move too much and we can sneak in between them, the one in the south brings more wind… Therefore we are heading this way and praying that it will not change…

We continue sailing roll truck, sail, engine, we do 7 knots and again I am on duty. It is hard to change the bedtime every day, this morning my guard was from 3 to 10 h and I spent it very sleepy.

Sea talk, the wind in the sails of the sailboat

The crew is happy, we had a talk about sails with Professor Hernán and in the end we all talked about the same thing: this balancing with the wind in the sails the sailboat, is a formula between the strength provided by the sails, the resistance of the boat and the rudder on the water.

It must be said that on the water everything is very relative and each helmet is different. The waves are not the same, that is to say that it is done by eye and with those notions in the head … We are all right and none of us are right…

Thanks for the questions you are sending, I go with some of them:

– Diesel capacity

The Doubloon has about 6000 liters of diesel in its 6 tanks, spends an average of 10 liters per hour, that is to say that there are for about 600 hours that are almost 25 days by motor and if we calculate 6 miles per hour, we have to do 3600 miles by motor (we could cross the Pacific practically). As I have been telling you this boat is designed to make large expeditions.


Heh, heh, pilot, because if we can not fix it, we will arrive in Valdivia well tanned to take it by hand, for the moment we take it well.

– Predictwind

I wish we caught 16 knots although in the Copernicus I got to catch 16.5 knots but surfing a wave. Nothing, it has to be a mistake, at the moment we are going to 7 and we are going well.

Today I was lucky and managed to enjoy a good sunset and now I will enjoy the southern cross and a starry sky before the moon rises.

I send you the position

s 21.43.92

W 132.47.58

Heading 100

Speed 7.2

Very good temperature

Good atmosphere

UTC time

P:D Do not forget that all this mess that I have mounted is to take you to navigate, so stop rolls and excuses, look here on the page of and you begin to reserve your place, that as the thing continues, when you want to come you will not have a place, nor will you be able to choose a cabin!

I’ll leave it there…

Joy Sailors

Let’s start doing things and stop making rolls.

My dream, your dream

Let’s live it


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