The planet is wonderful and you have to take care of it!

Joy Sailors!!

What a good life… What a wonder of planet we are on, you can not miss it, it is friendly, beautiful, full of life. Being able to visit these remote places of this world, it is a privilege that if life gives you the opportunity, it would be a sin not to do so.

When you start traveling in this way, at first it takes getting used to, you are immersed in a sea and in addition to doubts, the efforts and sacrifices it requires are eclipsed by the illusion and desire to feel fulfilled. As time goes by you change the values of things, you manage time in a different way, in my opinion much more human. You get so close to nature and the world around you that you are inadvertently connected and become part of it. Once you feel connected, you are lost, there is no escape, your human part begins to eat your civilized part, the rules, borders and fears begin to bother you, our animal and human part fit together.

It will seem to you that my head is going, maybe a little, but I look at the fauna and flora in another way, today I found a sea lion with two hairs and when I looked into his eyes I felt connected, I got to feel his emotions. He was not well, apparently he had no problems but I know he did, I could not do but look at him, not disturb him and wish him good vibes. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I knew it wasn’t good, we left him in Port Vancouver, perhaps the southernmost bay in the world to Antarctica.

The King Penguin Colony

Later we were in Cook Bay, I went to visit some old acquaintances, the King Penguins, a colony of only 7, I think they are only 2 or 3, they were not, I looked for them and nothing, for me it was disappointing, the other times I came there was always someone waiting for the arrival of someone, always looking at the horizon I wanted to see them as when you arrive at port and your family comes out to receive you, greet them but nothing, They weren’t. It’s been 2 years since my last time here, we had to leave but I tried again, I caught George’s binoculars (greetings to the group of volunteers / heroes of the realization of this dream …) and a stain, almost not appreciated… It was a solitary penguin, I jumped to the chinchorro, I approached carefully, I returned and warned the whole crew of the great news, we returned and made a complete book, how wonderful, what to walk, what a duck, … What a comfort to know that he is still alive, I hope he is not alone…

We set sail after a while, goodbye companion I hope to see you again and I wish I could do something to improve its habitat and grow the colony. Nature is like that, you don’t have to touch it, it’s sad to see it disappear, very sad…

Let's take care of the planet

This year there was no snow on the whole island, the peat was drier than normal, I even saw some dry plants, that’s not a good sign… Poor planet, it’s changing everywhere, it always changed, but now we feel guilty, we are, but it’s a big step to feel that way. Humans are capable of incredible things and I hope that at the end of the story, someone writes that we ended up saving him…

Joy Sailors!!

Let’s live it, this has to be seen, life is wonderful… The planet is wonderful!

The opportunities are here and now… we are going to see Antarctica,

next year we do not know what will happen.

A hug to all, SEE YOU ON THE 27TH IN MADRID!


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