Today we sail to the Strait of Magellan!

We are about to enter the mythical Strait of Magellan… this always excites, Magellan and El Cano passed through here who went around the world for the first time and with it globalization began… I don’t know whether to say it was good or not, but it happened and sooner or later this was unstoppable.

Our plan was to go from here to the Pacific, but life and weather is as it is… We just saw the weather Nicolas and I in the windy and we have gusts of more than 50 knots… The truth is that I wanted to go out and do Ovens on the outside and we knew it’s not easy, but going to war… without having an enemy is absurd, so we have decided to continue through the Strait of Magellan and enter through the San Pedro Channel, my channel 9 towards the Beagle.

Today was a wonderful day, almost all day we sailed through the canals, with dolphins, seeing waterfalls and with some important gusts. In the canals the wind is intubated and you can’t get distracted.

This area of the world, I will not tire of saying it, is WONDERFUL and is yet to be discovered…

The crew is very happy, so am I, everyone does their job, you can say that we are a great crew…

Today I can’t give you the position because I’m in bed and I’m almost falling asleep…

In the end I’m going to Spain at Christmas, so we have to organize something to see each other… What do you think?

Joy Sailors

Today I am sleepy… heh,heh,heh.

I leave you a few words from Íñigo one of these incredible crew members who accompany me on this voyage to Cape Horn

The reflections of Iñigo

You stop hearing a noise, something everyday disappears. Some attentive crew members went up on deck, others were already there, the rest were sleeping. That familiar sound without warning stopped, but the imposing galleon continued to move. By the stern “El Doblón” received a gentle blizzard, barely enough to keep its sails inflated, but not so, preventing it from continuing its course. As the day matured the wind took hold, silence reigned and the crew rejoiced.

Some read, others with their eyes and fangs in the candles look for what to help, the rest slept, ate or just enjoyed the landscape, the rain and the flirtation between the waters and the hull.

Accompanied by rainbows, snowy mountains, southern dolphins, waterfalls, a jib and two between sticks, we arrived at the end of an incredible day of sailing, under pure sail, through the channels of the end of the world. But there is no reason to be saddened, since tomorrow will be another amazing day aboard the Doubloon, ready to contemplate and feel new landscapes and winds reserved for those who seek them.

I say goodbye with a greeting to my brother Luís, my parents and sisters, my friend Sofia and everyone who reads this micro-story-blog.

Have a good night and a life of adventure.

Iñigo Correa.

Joy Sailors!!


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