The value of the area we are navigating is incredible!!

Joy Sailors!!

But how good we are, this morning we visited the penguin colony of Martillo Island, a colony of Magellanic penguins and some King penguins (we did not see any) perhaps on the way back …

The complication of the day

We have had a problem with the intake of water from the engine, here there is a lot of life and it is easy to enter through the intake socket, we had to disarm the elbow to access the bottom key, a good push with a strong and solved cable.

More complicated is the matter of the so-called “cachiyuyo“, we have lifted so much that the hydraulic windlass could hardly with the weight. I’m sure it was several tons of this seaweed so large, that it took me more than half an hour to untangle it from the anchor.

We head towards the Mitre Peninsula and we may have to take refuge in the incredible island of the States …

Staten Island

This island has something special, we visited it in 2019, I leave you a link to the photos we took, The Lighthouse at the End of the World, until Jules Verne wrote about it.

We have to value the area through which we are sailing and the history it has. Daniel Silva, a crew member, casually gave me a historical map of this island with the shipwrecks around it, more than 50, well now are other times, do not trust but it is not the same …

The wind

I’ve had to stop writing, we’ve had a bit of a mess… When navigating through the northern area of the Beagle an air current is created that accelerates the mountains with gusts of 50 knots, we had to curl and change course. We have passed to the southern part and although the wind is more stable, we continue to give war, we are going to anchor in Spanish port, where it is said that some Spaniards arrived and died of hunger …


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