The world is wonderful, let's take care of it!

Joy sailors!!

We are 14 adventurers heading to Antarctica…

What an adventure, I could not tell you what other type of adventure is more impressive than Antarctica, the last frontier, the truth that when writing this, there is a part of me that feels that I am betraying the planet, the more I talk about the places I visit, I imagine that you are wanting to see them and live them therefore I am promoting tourism in these areas with the environmental impact that entails.

The world is wonderful, we are carrying it. Simply by visiting it we are already changing it, now the challenge is to get us to enjoy these areas so virgin, pure, delicate at the same time and on the other hand it is also selfish to live it and not share it …

So in addition to the hassle of starting this big project, at least for me, I have to get aware and make you aware that this planet is wonderful, delicate, fragile and look for a way to leave the smallest possible impact. Although it seems logical to all of us, it is not so easy, because ecology and respect for the environment was not lived by those of my generation, thanks to Leo and the team of millennials we will achieve it.

In short, in this case everything that leads to Antarctica has to come back and that’s what I’m going to focus on…

Once this is told, I want to tell you that we are sailing through the mythical Beagle Channel, I think it will be the 10th time I sail through it.

The illusion of the crew

I feel the whole crew with a sparkle in their eyes, with interior silences, I think they are feeling the tingle of illusion, the nerves of adventure through one of the most iconic areas of the world.

They are actually in the hands of the crew and although I know they are in good hands, they are not, and they have no choice but to trust and put their fate in our hands, they are brave.

To friends and family I want to say that I will do my best so that everything takes place in a safe, cheerful and didactic environment. We will have time to become intimate with our deepest thoughts and feelings, we will all learn from the experiences of others and we will suffer a reset on our lives. During the last 25 years it helped me to make future decisions, to see life with another perspective. Inevitably almost everyone will return calmer and a little different…

What I tell you seems wonderful and I advise you that if you can live the experience of isolating yourself from this crazy world in the way you can think of, the mountain, sailing, flying, whatever, but it is very necessary and valuable, if you can do it …

What a talk I’ve hit you … I am a little sensitive, my visit to Spain sat very well and I was able to enjoy the true love of family and friends, I had not felt it for a year…

I’m going to stop writing to you because I don’t get anything but shenanigans and I must wait to be calmer to write you about more coherent topics …

Joy Sailors

My dream is your dream, don’t tell us, let’s live it!

A big hug for everyone…


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