Joy Sailors!!

We are on December 10, 2021 of our lord and maker of all things. Travesia VentisquerosThe truth is that it was so, here he did it with pleasure, we could classify it as a work of art.

Today the Beagle is calm, the night was movidita, we had sea bottom in the Strait of Le Maire and some things flew out. But as there is no evil that lasts a hundred years lasts… This morning everything is very quiet and pleasant, in my opinion a bit boring…

There is no way to learn to enjoy the calm, it makes me more nervous and I need to do something. I start to come up with bad ideas… Since deep down I don’t want to start sinning, I start writing, I think it’s a good therapy. What I don’t know is if you guys are willing to put up with me…

Making some memory

I’m worried with memory and the truth I do not know if they are already starting to lack “little paths” or is the lack of concentration that I have and I spend my life dispersed, well at the moment I am managing …

If I like to remember things from before, when I was young and promised, today I remembered the first time I sailed on an 8-meter sailboat with some friends receiving a 30-minute navigation and positioning class…

That was an irresponsibility like those that are made when I am young that I am very proud of…

The story...

Jesus and I bought a 25-foot sailboat called Elade, with outboard motor, he did know how to navigate a little, I did nothing, we bought it in Estepona, Malaga, Spain and with all our enthusiasm we took it out of the water, we did the live work, some improvements in the interior. He sailed with his friends from Estepona to Lisbon to the Lisbon Expo and returned to Faro in Portugal. How we worked together when one sailed the other worked and so it was, I moved to Faro with my brave crew: Diego Villelgas, Pedro López, Judini, Leticia and someone else whose name I do not remember.

We changed the keys, Jesus of my car and I of the boat, he took out a letter while they were saying goodbye, a portable gps with batteries, a pencil, a ruler, an angle transporter, he told me where the latitude and longitude are, he taught me to chart a course and said goodbye with a hug and luck …

As a team we achieve it

Luckily Diego Villelgas came with me and he does have a good memory, between the two of us we managed to position ourselves (sailing is a matter of common sense …). One of the crew members who came in my crew had the title of skipper but knew absolutely nothing about anything, besides that before leaving the bay of Faro he was already dizzy and made a rag. Our journey was not minor, we intended to get from Faro to Gandia in Valencia, a journey of about 700 miles as if nothing … I was already pointing out ways… If you go sailing it is to give him a rod not to take walks or the return of the dog …

The experience

That was very nice to experiment with sails, hatches and drizas, we had no idea … But little by little we understood how to use the force of the wind at level 0 but we were learning something. I was clear that we were going to arrive, that adventure is what filled me and that if you want you can…

On the second day we arrived at the height of El Rompido, we could not enter. We still did not know how to interpret the nautical signals, nobody told us anything about that matter. We abort the entry not without first trying and We continued to another nearby town that I do not remember the name.


When we were at the height of this population, the “qualified crewman” came back to life … and we asked him how to enter a nearby town, he without hesitation guided us until we ran aground, this area has tides of more than 1.5m. The boat ran aground, the sea left and the boat was resting on the sand, the sea retreated more than 100 meters, we left the anchor on the sand, we went to Diego’s house and as we are young we dedicated ourselves to laugh and have fun. It was late and we did not reach the next high tide, we had to wait for the next one, with the help of some fishermen we could continue east towards the Strait of Gibraltar, Malaga, Granada, Almeria, Murcia, Alicante and finally Valencia.

Of all those who set sail, only Pedro Lopez Palacios and I arrived.

It can be said that when we arrived in Gandia we already knew how to navigate and that our guardian angel is very, very efficient …

The baggage

Who was going to tell us that this journey would bring us here… 7 Atlantic crossings, 2 Pacific crossings, Mediterranean to the Bosphorus Canal, Tunisia, Senegal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Patagonia, Easter Island, Caribbean 3 times, Azores, Antarctica that we must take care of and a lot of places that I do not remember besides those we are going to do …

Thank you Jesus Garcia Martin for that class!

Returning to our journey

Well!! Telling this we have arrived at 1:00h, it is already December 11, we are heading west and it has just gotten dark, here the days are very long, it begins to clear at 04h, the navigation is very quiet, everyone sleeps, I take the opportunity to continue with my therapy, write to you … It feels good to me.

Today I am excited, I have had good news, I know I will not get it but I still feel happy trying. As he said I do not know who “sayings are for everyone, even for the one who quotes them …”

Life is one and one and the search for happiness is an obligation that we can not allow to pass, if you do not get it it will always be better to try than to have the feeling of defeatism. Here we are fighters, I will at least try, I want to go all the way even though curiosity killed the cat? or went to the mouse? we’ll see what happens with Peter… heh, heh, How I like to try almost impossible things, we’ll see what happens…

As I told you we are sailing on the Beagle, it is calm, it is not cold, the boat is soft and so am I.

I have guard until 4 am and I fight against sleep, the group is very well they feel integrated and we are all very comfortable.

Tomorrow night we will arrive in Ushuaia, we will have dinner, we will see photos and maybe we will go dancing, how I like to dance, we have not been able to do it for two years. For me it is an escape route, I vent and release my inner nerves, is it a therapy, close your eyes and navigate to the rhythm of the music, do we dance?

This week has been wonderful, we have had everything, fin wind, more than 40 knots, calms, rain and a lot of sun. In this part of the world you can have all 4 seasons several times in one day.

From Monday we will start preparing the ship for Antarctica, almost everything is done but there are some points to improve. Especially environmental safety, this is very important, the way to act is very different in the White continent, keep in mind that we are going to the cleanest and most virgin area of the planet and so we have to continue leaving it.
We must take care of Antarctica
and we cannot leave loose ends.

I ask you for help with Joy

Joy, the dog, will not be able to come, if you know of someone who can take care of him in Ushuaia I will thank you very much. It is a very educated and sociable dog, if you need references I can send them …

What landscapes, I do not get tired of seeing them, if you do not come it is because you do not want to, you have to stop thinking that there are other priorities, what is certain is that there is another, which is to see and live the world in which we live. See it and Feeling it makes us understand and respect it…

Joy Sailors

My dream is your dream and I am here to help you fulfill it and if you need to give yourself a little push…

A hug to all, see you on the 27th in the Copernicus Room (bring you the desire to dream)

The world belongs to dreamers

Who comes to Antarctica? he, he, je (We already know how to navigate a little better …)
We must take care of Antarctica, I insist.

A big hug to everyone from the mythical Beagle Channel!


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