I put you in situation, we sail from Cape Verde, Alegria Marineros..

Now if that if but that well is here today has been a wonderful day and night, it is one of those days when everything comes together to be well, the sea, the little wind, the spi, the conversations …

Right now I was thinking whether to go down to write to you or continue enjoying the show, starry night very starry, the luminescence of the sea, see the spi peeking through port, the contrast of dark colors ufff but how happy I am here …
I miss you, especially my children and my friends from Madrid (there are not many) but they are loved as if they were a lot (things in life, over the years they are reduced …)

We have fished!

The fact is that today we have caught a very, very red tuna … I perceive the crew very comfortable and that makes me happy (the troubles and problems must belong to the life I am leaving behind…)

I’ve ended my relationship with the generator cooling pump, it’s been like ending a destructive love relationship… We did not understand each other, I have tried in a thousand ways, I have disassembled and mounted it more than 20 times, I have fought for our her as a fighter sailor … and I have not been reciprocated… well in the end I have been comfortable because I have started another relationship with an electric pump … that replaces the mechanics, I hope that Javier de Centramar can locate me a new one and some of you when you come to visit us you can bring it to me …

As I was telling you, I miss you a lot and having sailed is passing me certain emotional costs but without a doubt I have to say that this life makes me feel alive and full, I hope you understand who should do it and that you are happy for me (I would do it for him or they sure) I also hope they come soon to visit me …

Well I roll up like genoa ….

The part of the day

We set sail before yesterday from Mindelo, sailed from Cape Verde, I remember, we made a 24-hour stop. I have to say that it is still the same as 8 years ago, I have seen it a little cleaner and tidier but the same with which I do not want to say that this bad … is the same!
The navigation is quiet, the SPI is giving us a tremendous quality of life. Without him we would have many noises of genoa and greater by the shaking of the waves … And such a ridiculous speed that we would have to put engine and that at these latitudes I do not see it responsible since we still have to cross the equator and with famous their calmed (I must reserve the diesel just in case …)

I pass you our position in case you want to come to have a coffee or try our incredibly tasty ham …
N 13.59.25
Heading 205
Real wind 5 kts
Speed 4.8
Apparent wind 1 Kts
UTC Time 4H 16M

Alegria Sailors!!
My dream your dream… and now if it starts to be cool … heh, heh

I forgot… We are starting to think about preparations for the Great Journey… ANTARCTICA … heh, heh how nice it is to be full of illusion, how necessary it is for life ….

Hugs to all and tell you that the iridium today has not sounded … I’ll leave it there…


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