We sail tightly through the Pacific

Joy Sailors!

I’m Pedro Jimenez, I sail the world and I’m determined to take you out to sail!

Today is the 14th day of sailing, we are just over 1000 miles from French Polynesia.

We sail gently towards Nuku-Hiva, full moon, calm sea with 4 sails and we do 7 knots with only 14 wind. It seems like the Sea wants to take us to Polynesia, it is the prize for so much effort …

Today I didn’t hit myself… I’m getting better.

Peter is still sick although it does not seem serious. These long trips have a very important psychological part, if you do not struggle to adapt you isolate yourself and that is not good. In any case, tomorrow when there are less than 1000 miles left and only a few days to arrive the crew will start to cheer up… I’m sure Peter will be better tomorrow!

An experience that will change your life

This experience is like an inner cure that you should try, away from mobiles And from the routines on land, it is like doing spiritual exercises, it gives you time to think, sediment and prepare new projects and illusions. For me it is a cure of rest here in the middle of the ocean I feel happy, never alone (on land if)

I would like you to close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine yourself here sailing with smooth movements, full moon, mild temperature, clear sky, alone you and life … The sounds, the calm to come, this is priceless… This is the dream of reaching the other side of the Pacific by our means and resources, it is simply a journey within oneself that you will hardly get in another part of the world …

Today's work

As not everything can be so idyllic, we have had a busy afternoon, an ear of the tensor of one popel was broken and the dog of the other was about to break, we have reinforced them with dyneema rope and an additional tensioner. Good thing we were not soaked (back wind, stern) the boat would have been in danger. Nicolás as always was impeccable, we have decided to put burdas for the next journey, Gambier – Easter – Valdivia, in Nuku-hiva we will look for a turner to make us a piece in sweet iron.

The crew is very lively, you can almost see Polynesia… And that encourages.

I pass you the position (at any moment the hare jumps) and you appear here … hehe

As I said before, we sail with a soft girdle:

N 2.56.878 (180 miles to the Equator)

W 127.24.16

Speed 6.7

Heading 222

UTC time 01:36 h

Wind 16 knots

Water temperature 27 degrees

This dream must be lived with intensity, you can not miss the opportunity, it is once in a lifetime. Enter now the page of
choose your dream and let’s go

Joy Sailors!!

My dream, your dream…


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