Studying the Meteorological Situation in Decision Making

Joy Sailors!!

We continue sailing northwest, we try to win windward, we have had a meeting-workshop on the weather situation, it was very good to see how everyone understands the evolution of the weather situation for the next few days. Today was the time to make the next decision, the first is to know when to set sail from the Antarctic Peninsula to the south of the American continent.

The first two days or practically until the middle of the Sea of Sickles is without wind, we are going to motor taking advantage to place ourselves in the quadrant of the most favorable low, this can be seen following the evolution of the low, although they almost always move the same always have to check it.

On this occasion we have decided to go to the center of the low, it is assumed that we will arrive in about 36 hours. From that moment the show will begin, we will change the course to the northeast and we will try to navigate with it leaving us little by little to enter about 30 or 40 miles east of Cape Horn. This decision is always complicated because there are a lot of factors to consider, state and capabilities of the crew, state of the boat, wind, sea, waves etc.

What direction do we take with this Meteorological Situation?

When you publicly explain the evolution of the weather we do not always all agree and some controversy may arise because, of course, everyone has their opinion and fears … Anyway it seems very right to me that everyone has the information and prepares psychologically for what is to come.

In this case it is nothing scandalous but it seems that we will have gusts of just over 40 knots, I also want to emphasize that we lower the weather with its 4 models and this perhaps creates more confusion because they do not agree and you do not know which one to bet on, especially when the forecast is more than 3 or 4 days.

In this case they practically coincide in the area of the center of the low but do not coincide in what happens next … We have chosen to choose the least favorable and although it seems a bit reckless we are heading to the center of the low … I’ll tell you how it’s going…

Otherwise we are very good, we sail with genoa and older, the boat is stable, we do 6.5 knots. We have a good pace to get to the center of the low… When we are in that position we will still have 300 miles to reach the Beagle.

This morning we have seen a Southern whale and every time we are crossing with more whales, we have not yet seen orcas, they will arrive …

I hope we are entering Ushuaia as the 16th and be able to rest a few days that I will take advantage of to send you videos and photos.

Joy Sailors!!

This is wonderful, navigating this area of the world has no equal…

Do not let me tell you, open the page of joy sailors expeditions and sign up.

We don’t know when we’ll have another chance!!


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