What a good day sailing we had today!

Joy Sailors!!

What a good day we had today!! We have been taking out all day new configurations of candles, genoa, ratchets, henaker, fisherman, hehehe, it’s like going out to the amusement park, taking out candles, saving candles, changing necklines, halyards up, halyards down… And all this sailing on water at 29 degrees, yesterday it was at 19… We are sailing on a current that comes from the equator, helps us run and is less cold, you will tell me what this current is called because here we already have 3 or 4 names (Peru, the Humboldt countercurrent, the summer highway …)

Good cheer from the crew

We are very excited, the miles of this great trip are already going down, do not forget that we come from Seattle, it seems that we set sail last year … What a lot of things have happened to us, how wonderful, what memory for a lifetime, another anecdote to tell the grandchildren …

Particularly I’m already preparing the things that we are going to do to the boat, everything really works correctly, but you have to give it a facelift to be able to receive you as you deserve, upholstery, paint, some wooden furniture, heating, a bimini for the deck so you can be outside without cold, a davit for the chinchorrito, a barbecue… in order to make it comfortable and beautiful …

What a beautiful day we spent today…

I pass the position:

S 33.29.71

W 91.38.20

Course: 109

Speed: 6.5 knots

Water temperature: 29 degrees

Ambient temperature: Good

Atmosphere in the crew: Good

P.S. Greetings to the brothers of the coast and my deepest condolences for the loss, Orza for all and especially for Nao Quintero and Nao Guanaqueros.

I hope everyone well and do not forget that life is one and of one … And if you don’t do what your body asks… One day he will stop asking for it and think why the hell I did not give him a joy sailors… he


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