A great day of sailing on the sailboat

We had a great day of sailing, I'll tell you a little

We are almost 350 miles left, just over 2.5 days if all goes well, that at sea, you never know …

The temperature dropped considerably, come on, it’s cold, the boat sails very well, we have been two days with good wind and a little wiggling, we have a south southeast wind and that makes us put the bow towards Isla Mocha, let’s have faith that in the end we ended up in Corral Bay.

We are all looking forward to arriving, some have been since June 3 and others since June 20, it is normal that they want to arrive.

For my part, as I told you yesterday, I am looking forward to arriving to do makeup operation at the Doubloon.

This was the day

It has just dawned, we are accompanied by a speckled Petrel and from time to time a couple of quite large Cormorants arrives. The sea is beautiful, we have winds of up to 30 knots, some wave falls on us, we are girding to dog face, it is difficult for us to gird but with smaller sails the boat girds more and goes softer. It strikes me that we have not given any pantocazo, this boat is not too fast, but it is not slow either, and sails very well, noble and reliable, ideal for long journeys … Take note!

The Barbecue

Some of you asked if you bring something for the Sunday barbecue in the Doubloon, because if, bring everything you can, I do not know if I can go buy something and the truth is that in the refrigerators of the Doubloon there is almost nothing. The sweet was finished yesterday and there is only a piece of quince meat, I abhorred it in Spain, my parents were giving me quince with cheese to snack for several years, every day, well today I liked it … although the one my mother made was better, Quince meat from Priego de Córdoba, greetings to the Priegenses …

The maneuver of the day

Yesterday at the end of my watch, I spent a few hours of very nice navigation, we had to lower the big stick and there was so much wind, that Nicolas decided to put the boat to the Pairo, I loved the maneuver. I did it with Paula de Allende the seas arriving in Tenerife to do a drill with maritime rescue … But here it was different, with 30 knots, bigger waves and with an 88 feet the truth is that this time I enjoyed it in another way, as more authentic, we must bear in mind that the other time, it was maritime rescue that was on the other side and this time we did it because we needed it, the boat is so comfortable and protected that we took the opportunity to tidy up the deck a little. This system is valid to be able to sleep or wait for the storm to pass, without a doubt we will use it on more than one occasion.

Well, I do not warm your head anymore, I pass the position

S 37.56.18

W 80.540.97

Course: 95

Speed: 7 knots

Wind: 25 knots from 175

Temperature: cold that peels, you will see what piece of heating I am preparing for the Doubloon.

Distance to Valdivia: 355 miles

Joy Sailors!!

Come on, we’re already …


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