We rescued a Ketch sailboat designed by Colin Archer

As I like messes… What is life without messes and new challenges? heh, heh

I am very happy apart from attentive and concerned this new adventure that we have undertaken today is not minor, I do not think that anyone or very few are those who have tried to tow a ship 570 miles through these seas, now we are sailing through the Messier Channel heading north to one of the most complicated areas of this entire journey of 1500 miles, the famous Gulf of Sorrows (for something it is called that). For this area we will have to go out to the open sea, it is famous for its waves and how difficult it can be to go up …

Towing the sailboat

We are trying to arrive tonight, now it is 05:00 h. It seems that we will have a window of about 30 hours where it will blow south loose and maybe we can go back to it.

Sailing towing a 15-ton boat is not a joke, the maneuvers become more complicated, the boat has a hard time changing course, we have had some stress passing the English narrowness that has 2 changes of 90 degrees, at times it seemed that we would not get it but you have to have faith …

Now we are 40 miles from the Gulf of Penas, we are very slow, we have a lot of wind against, just over 30 knots but when going through the channels we have little wave and we can advance to just 2.5 knots, in a few hours the wind will go down and we can go faster, at the moment we are complying with the planned schedule …

To give you an idea we are towing a boat a distance comparable to Cádiz / Lanzarote or Colonia de Sacramento / Mar de plata, all this I do because I am happy to help Nicholas to have his boat, I also committed to him and I will do everything possible to get to Valdivia with everyone and with another boat, It would already be the 3rd.

I'm going to tell you a little about Nicolas' boat.

It is a double bow of wood a Ketch designed by Colin Archer, this gentleman was a builder and designer of the most prestigious ships in the world, designed and manufactured a ship called Fram with which Nansen was 3 years in the ice of the north pole and Amundsen arrived with him to Antarctica where he managed to be the first man to reach the South Pole, this ship was designed not to break with the pressure of the ice when they are stranded in it, His design got the boat to climb on top and not be destroyed by the enormous pressure of the ice.

Well, this boat of Nicolas is cousin of Fram and son of Colin Archer, that is to say that it is clear that it is the perfect boat for a guy like Nicolas Cobb, I am sure that Colin and his former owner are proud that it is owned by Nicolas

The pride of being able to help

And I am very happy and proud to help get the ship out of that area because if it is not and now, the ship would be irretrievably abandoned and sunk. It seems that lately Nicolas and I are dedicated to resurrecting ships… heh, heh

Joy Sailors, I will continue with the guard, I hope you have rested and enjoyed the first Holy Week being free …

Do not forget that on May 25 we are going to Ecuador. 2500 miles of nothing on the Copernicus

My dream your dream and how I like to help others fulfill them …


There is still some place for the Antarctica of February, the last of the season!
Don’t let them tell you…


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