Today we took a swim in the Pacific with 4000m of water under us

It is already noticeable that we are approaching the latitude of the Equator…

The temperature is increasing, the wind is calming down although we continue to endure with this magnificent SPI. We have 6 knots of real wind and sail almost through with the SPI we do 5.5 knots.

The crew is giving themselves to the world of snacks, beers and jokes. They are listening to music (a bit strange music for me) but very nice. I am more house and rock, they are more troubadour music with very nice and deep lyrics, what good vibes there are on the boat!

It can be said that they already know how to navigate, at least they have the common sense for it.

I have already told you a few days ago that it is a pity that they leave because they already know how to navigate and soon another group will leave and come that will have to teach, I do not mind teaching, but it is appreciated when they are independent.
They are so good that they are choosing bottles of wine, food to snack on… I hope we arrive soon, if they don’t run out of stock… he,je

Nomadic life

As we like to sail, travel and live on a sailboat around the world… he,je

But I’m going to complain if I do what I want and also share it. Today I was talking to Mauricio during the night and very dark watch about these things, I have to say that it is a dream come true… We have also talked about that if you want, you can, so there is no choice… than living it.


Today we had another spectacular day, fight with the SPI this morning, then the wind ended, the sun came out, we took a bath in the Pacific, for me it was revitalizing, yesterday I was exhausted …

We set sail again with the smoothness of doing it under sail, what a wonder, now we sail straight to Salinas, we are 187 miles from our great trip, let’s not forget that it has been 2650 miles, more or less like a crossing of the Atlantic.

We sail with greater and genoa entangonado, we make direct course to Puntilla de Santa Elena , we are 187 miles away maybe it would be a little better if we took the genoa without entangonar, because we receive the fin wind, almost through, but they are not hours of walking moving tangones of 8 or 9 meters long …

There goes the position

S 05.08.44
W 81.43.77
Heading 9
Speed 7 knots

Dark, dark night, the dolphins that visit us look like missiles, the peeking of their dorsal fins with this darkness is beautiful.

Joy Sailors!!

What a beautiful dream we are living…

What do you do that you are not looking for a flight to come to Costa Rica…


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