Heading to the Argentine Base Almirante Brown

Joy Sailors!

We are on Wednesday, January 11, 2023. 

The spirit of the crew

It snows around here, everything is calm. Yesterday we sailed to Paradise Bay, we spent the day anchored, sheltered from a not very strong storm but with winds of up to 35 knots. The anchoring in Port Lockroy is comfortable, it has a good bottom, the waves do not arrive but the wind does. We spent the day watching a documentary, we had a southern barbecue, we drank wines and ended up throwing some dances.
This crew doesn’t need much to dance and start ringing the bell, hehe.

We have to stop them because if not the next day we do not spread. We must recognize that today everyone got up on time and we set sail without delay, that is to say that in addition to partying and cheerful they are compliant …

It’s wonderful to do what I do. The expeditions to these incredible places makes the groups have a common bond and creates a synergy of illusion and joy that for me it is wonderful to see them enjoy …

Heading to the Argentine Base Almirante Brown

Now we sail towards Paradise Bay, where we will try to anchor and take a walk at the top of a hill. We will visit the Argentine base Almirante Brown, then we will continue sailing towards Cuverville passing very close to the Chilean base Videla (very nice by the way). In Cuverville we will spend “the night”, day by moment, since it does not stay dark and the days are very long but short at the same time. Everyone says they have the feeling of having been in Antarctica for several days because of the amount of things that are done in the same day…

The crew is very good, maybe I’m running short of wine and beer… hehe

I send you the position in case you want to take a look

S 64.52.30
W 63.39.78
Heading 183
Speed: 5.3 knots
Temperature: 5 degrees
It’s snowing
Wind: 4 knots
Water temperature: 2.5 degrees
Crew condition: Good or excellent

Monica does what she can, don’t worry, we are taking care of everything we can.
Otherwise all good except that there is no coke and some more stuff …

Joy Sailors!

How wonderful to be able to see, live and share these experiences!

Don’t let them tell you if you can come and live it. If it’s not with us it doesn’t matter… This has to be seen in order to feel it…
Let’s not let life pass without anything to excite and excite us. My dream is ours and we are living it.

More tomorrow…


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