Arriving in Chiloé by sailboat sailing from Puerto Aguirre.

Well, the days go by and we are assimilating the loss of Faraway, it is not worth much to continue lamenting and learning from what happened. Towing a boat from such a remote place is very complicated, because of the changing weather in this area, in addition to a lot of resistance on the part of the towed boat …

I still think I did everything I could to save him.

I want to thank you all for your support, I will pass them on to Nicolás.

After having declared to the authorities and embarked the two crew members of the Faraway, we set sail for Chiloé.

Heading to Quellón

This is a navigation of about 120 miles, I hope to be in Quellón at about 5 pm on April 25.
We are navigating through an alternative channel to the Moraleda called Canal Pérez south and then the north, this channel is much more protected from the wind and the sea. In the Moraleda channel now we had 30 knots and a little sea, for this other, the sea is flat and the wind does not reach 10 knots that yes, it is very narrow and there is no moon. It rains and has many damn salmon farms that make us doubt, in these navigations confidence in electronics is fundamental, you have to look at the chart, radar, depth and what you perceive so as not to take any fright, I have to admit that there are times that for a few minutes I doubt, “the night confuses you”.

Small physical problem

Today I had bad luck, I slipped and when holding on I hurt the biceps of the left arm and I think it may be that I broke a ligament, at the moment I am going with a sling, thank you very much to Alejandra del Campo and Javier for their collaboration to try to have an appointment soon with the doctor.
Well we’ll see what happens with the arm, I really need it for a lot of things … For example, giving hugs… It’s the first time I’ve had a problem with a ligament… It seems like a sign, although I immediately think that things happen to young athletes too…

I will try to arrive on the 30th north of Chiloé, it seems that there is an event of sailors and I would like to be and share with them … I’ll tell you

Life without an operating arm is not very comfortable but I don’t think I should complain… it would be nice…

Upcoming navigations

I am very excited about the following navigations and I have decided to divide it into 2 stages so they are not very long … Do you know what happens? Well, as I’m used to doing so many miles it seems normal to me but I think you can do it long …

This has been:

1st Stage

From May 25 to June 4
Valdivia / juan fernandez / La Herradura 850 miles, we will do it in 10 days and we can visit Robinson Crusoe Island


There is still some place for the Antarctica of February, the last of the season!
Don’t let them tell you…


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