We are arriving in Valdivia by sailboat!!

Joy Sailors!!

How about the weekend? It seems better… In Spain they are on the street like crazy and Chile I think no longer has a curfew, that is, it seems that things are going well, the borders begin to open, Alegría Marineros is arriving in Chile with a new Schooner!

Here we are beating like crazy, already wanting to get … Thinking about what mess is next…

I have to say, that I am really enjoying sailing this boat, it gives a lot of work, we have many sailing options so sailing lovers have to take note and if you want to score, this is your boat … Come on, that’s why I bring it to the south…

Having a great time with the toy

We have two days with overcast skies, variable winds, we are crossing the center of a high pressure and you have to be very alive to have the right sails. We also have Julio and Hernán watching and collaborating in all actions. Greetings to the brothers of the Coast and especially to Sea Horse, our great spokesman for the Nao de Quintero. (a great among the great)

As I told you, this is very entertaining, the winds are changing, the sea too, we are accompanied by some albatrosses and life on board has long since caught pace. We are all calm, the boat is responding very well and I am looking forward to giving it a facelift so that you come out handsome in the photos.

What an illusion makes me to be able to share all this effort with all of you and if we also sail it together I could not ask for more …

Arriving in Valdivia

We are 660 miles from Valdivia and in about 5 days we will be in Nautica Kunstmann ready to receive you, show you the ship and if you lend a hand, better!

Joy Sailors!! That we are coming!! What a piece of travel, what a lot of good and beautiful things we have lived and will continue …

I pass the position, that I get excited and I do not stop warming your head:


W 876.07.45

Heading: 144

Although our course should be 102 we are gaining south to be able to enter the bay of Corral without suffering much, we hope that tomorrow we will begin to have strong south and we must be ready …

Wind: 14 kts of 255

Temperature: Cool but very good (come on, like a cool Kunstmann)


Greetings to all Valdivians, we are arriving in Valdivia by sailboat, we have to make a dinner or a barbecue on Sunday (if it does not rain), what do you think?

I sign up

A hug

Joy Sailors


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