How nice it is to sail with friends, Alegría Marineros!!

Very good to all, here we continue, we have spent a wonderful day, we arrived at Bahía Inglesa, a beautiful place that we have been able to enjoy all day, it seems that I am learning to give myself some time. Although the forecast was to set sail today for Ecuador, we have allowed ourselves to visit Bahía Inglesa, eat in a restaurant, some brave people bathed and shared during the day.

This group is wonderful and full of energy, they sing, dance, laugh, for me it is very gratifying to see them enjoy and learn.

This was the day

Today we could not leave the country, in Caldera there is no immigration and customs was closed until Monday. We have decided to continue to Antofagasta, about 220 miles north of Caldera, we will arrive on Monday morning, we advance a few miles to Ecuador from Antofagasta there will be only 1400 miles, we can buy vegetables and maybe some diesel.

We have no wind, nothing is nothing, we go motorized roll or trucker, on Monday the wind rises and we can set sail like lightning towards Ecuador.
We sail at 6.5 knots with 4 knots of sternwind and are about 10 miles offshore. Being so close you have to be aware of the fishing boats otherwise we go quietly without anyone dizzy and the temperature continues to improve, this is wonderful!


Today my dear Hernán disembarked, a great navigator and an exceptional person, Browse with friendsThis is the 4th time he repeats sailing with us, I hope to see him again although today’s farewell was different, I continue with my great trip and maybe I will not return to the north of Chile, if I will do it in the south, we will see … I’m still sailing and if you want to come you know what you have to do…

A big hug Hernán, I learned a lot from you, I have to tell you that you are a wonderful stubborn and I think we are very similar.
I hope to sail together again…

It is very nice to sail again with some of you for this great journey that is life … Thank you for being there.


Well, today I’m not very inspired, I’m on call, it’s 4.30 in the morning, Carolina and my dear Leticia are on duty, she and I have known each other for more than 25 years, we met when I set up my first hospitality business “Ojo al Parche”, a refuge for pirates and seafarers in Madrid that only with 13 square meters.
This business was the precursor of all this that we live now. Then he was working and helping me for many years, we had not seen each other for 15 years, social networks are magical and they brought us together again, I would very much like this to continue happening with so many friends with whom I have shared part of my life, fate separated us and after a few years, I could meet again to be able to attend you and thank you for your support during the time we shared together … Do not hesitate if you want to come, this is the moment, there will always be a space for you and to be able to thank you in some way for your company and help during the journey of life …

Without you this life would be different and there would be other circumstances.
Thank you!

Joy Sailors!! This is our rallying cry for more than 25 years

And this dream I would very much like to be yours too, if you want it…

Have a wonderful day, around here I will do everything I can to make it so…

I pass the position:

S 26.21.79
W 070.52.34
Heading 12
Speed 6,5 kts
Wind 3 knots
Crew condition, very good

See you tomorrow…


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