20º 01,3′ N – 022º 59,9′ W
Heading 227º – Speed 7.8 knots
10:08 UTC – 06/02/19
@kikeserrano.- Today we wake up with the company of 20 dolphins that say good morning and escort us for more than half an hour while we go into the high seas. We also share the sea surface with our friends and followers of the Susania who are heading towards Martinique and at the crossing of winds I say goodbye to their captain on radio channel 72. The dolphins return to say goodbye to the day and wish us a good night crossing. Alegria Sailors!
. (Pili) Hello tod@s! We are already fully in the adventure and we do not see any land around us. We are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, sailing at full sail! Last night I stood guard under the most stunning starry sky I’ve ever seen. Currently, to navigate, we use modern navigation instruments, but the ancient navigators, in their maritime routes, were guided by the stars. We saw the Warrior of Orion, Cassiopeia and Ursa Major, would you know how to identify them? What shape do they have? A big hug to tod@s!
. (Javi del Caño) Hello my love, I am really enjoying the experience I dreamed of so much. like a child with new shoes¡¡¡¡A thousand kisses for both¡¡ I love you very much¡¡ Muuuuaaaaac
(Javier Lahoz) Today is the third day of sailing and the boat already seems like our home.
The voyage began movidita. We leave on February 2 at 20h with gusts of 30 ́ when leaving La Gomera. It stabilized when we moved away from the islands and left behind the influence of the orography. we had a fun first night, with sustained bearing winds of 20-25 knots that with the help of the waves, which did not let us sleep, but made us fly up to the maximum speed recorded to date in the Copernicus Doubloon: 15 knots!!! We do an average of 170 miles a day, with a fin course, Genoa entangonada and all the rag removed, except at night when we take some curl. We are already halfway to Cape Verde.
The crew is great, they spend the day fast talking about trips, exercising in groups and especially cooking. We want to do many things during the journey, learn about meteorology, astrology, write journals, plan our next adventures to. But daylight hours are few and we are still adapting the body to the rhythm of the guards. Something like jet lag. We have made 4 teams to supervise navigation: course, traffic, sails, breakdowns. Cooking and cleaning. We are not bored, every day something different has happened.
A very big kiss to all
@kikeserrano-. We leave the coastline of the Sahara and border territorial waters of Mauritania with a light wind that gives us 6.5 knots on average. We continue with the sail configuration of donkey ears with change from tangon to starboard to correct course and with gentle waves. Maybe we keep up to Cape Verde. Let’s go and we are divine!
So much for the news from the crew, hehehe. Thank you very much to all friends
Joy Sailors, your dream is my dream, my ship is your ship, my sea is your sea.

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