Alegria Sailors!! We are crossing the equator on a sailboat!!

We are on Friday, February 15, 2019
How hot… milk, we are about to cross the equator N 0.33.94 and it shows, he, heh .
Today we had another great day.. almost all day with SPI (we are already experts) we allow ourselves the luxury of repairing him while we do a trasluchada today we have taken 45 minutes (the important thing is not the speed. it is to understand and know all the messes that can bring you an SPI WITH SOCK) when we want to bring it down (shitting melodies …) especially today, suddenly we CATCH a kind of Marlin will weigh about 15 kg that beast, that thread we have in the rod of this boat, that good hook of Jesus, when I visit us a few days this summer I bring to this community the authentic Basque hook unsurpassed (a hug Jesus)
As I was telling you, that beast bites, the rain comes, wind, I fear for the SPI and in a jiffy including a little mess. We lowered the SPI in a few seconds, this is a team effort, we need helmsman, port neck, starboard neck. Retained of tangon. 2 sailors to lower the sock a spokesman between bow and stern and the driza of the SPI, do not see… Well, we have made it of note.
We have frozen the fish. this afternoon we tried to anchor in the archipelago of San Pedro and San Pablo, the lighthouse keeper did not leave us (nor was he too interested), very inaccessible a lighthouse and a house but how nice it would have been to spend a night on a mini island in the middle of the ocean … (well again it will be)
We have been sailing from La Gomera for 15 days a stop in Mindelo and we are about to arrive in Brazil, we will see how it ends … at the moment much SPI some genoa entangonado and very weak winds … (I’ll get tired of wind in Argentina…)
Higinio you would have liked this journey too, you miss it.
How nice to think back, I have gone through those good memories from, Luismi, Jesus, Quique, that Diego and Carlos, Jacobo, Ana, Leticia, Erasmus the Family all those who have endured me, that I do not name you but you know it and thanks to your patience now I have many more memories, memories of Mar. Manolo, Jesus, Higinio, Corpas, Javier Mendez, Ciro, Maria, Rosa, Manu, Juan Antonio and so many others that I hope you will come and that we will write together the story of this dream, yours and mine… What an opportunity. I will try to take full advantage of it, for me and for you.
But how hot,,, heh, heh

I pass our position

N 0.29.78
W 29.36.16
Heading 214
Speed 6KTS
UTC Time 01h 08m
300 miles left to Fernando de Noronha
Joy Sailors … A hug to all

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