Alegría Marineros

Thursday, September 7, 2023 of our Lord and Maker of All Things
How good to write to you and thus know the date; If not, I don’t know what day I live.

In the middle of nowhere and at all...

We are already only 1200 miles from Cook Bay (entrance to the Beagle Channel). The sea is beautiful, very alive. Now we will have waves of 4 meters and some of 3 or vice versa, rather.

Ocean Adventure

But yesterday… Yesterday was tremendous: what power, contained winds of more than 40 knots and gusts above 50. There were no waves, mountains were coming. The sea was beautiful, it rained, at times everything turned white. Some waves passed over us.

Challenges on board

The ratchet driza was broken (driza, ropes that go vertically and serve to raise sails or other rigging; ratchet, small sail very resistant to use with hard winds). So we have it in the bathtub waiting for the weather to improve to decide what to do with it. I think we are going to put it back and I will try to use the tangon driza (tangón, very long tube in this case of 9 meters that is used to hook it in the fist of the sail hatch and make it fixed so that the sail works well with hardly any flaming).

Challenges in Sailing

So, when the wind goes down, we’ll try. This morning the bow sail was broken, Yankee type, it has a vertical slit right in the center, both height and width of the sail, therefore, I can continue using half of the sail … until I hold on. I am making arrangements to have one manufactured for me as soon as possible. I’ll tell you who and how…

The Crew and Team Spirit

Otherwise, the crew is very good. They run the boat better than I do, and it’s a peace of mind. I really like that they collaborate, integrate and be part of the adventure. In addition, I sleep much more peacefully…

Temperature Changes

The temperature continues to drop, although it is still bearable. I think this is because we have a north wind and it is temperate. Even so, the hands hurt a little, and in my case, I already wear 2 winter pants and socks…

Invitation to Adventure

Well, I don’t want to keep warming your head; you will be very busy with the Rubiales case…

I pass the position in case you want to come (bring warm clothes):

S 45 24.816 (Alegría marineros are we in the 40 roaring fully and we are going for the 50 Bramadores?) W 97 48,850
Heading 124
Speed from 7 to 12 knots (Depending on the wave)
Wind 30 knots from 006
Wave of 3 to 4 meters and ordering
State of the crew, I see it as good…

Reflections on Adventure

Alegría Marineros
How beautiful it is to dream and realize. There are times when I think we are dream realizers. This is like a factory of them. I am looking forward to entering the Beagle Channel and seeing all that snowy, green and pure. How lucky some of us are to be able to live and pass through these parts of the world so different from the daily life of our lives. I have no choice but to tell you to come, see it and live it. It’s not bad to be told… But living it is much better… Get out of the routine.


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