Crossing the Pacific on a sailboat 15

The Pacific on a sailboat, Alegría Sailors!!

I am Pedro Jimenez, sailor, nomad, an enthusiast of the sea and adventure, determined to take you out to sail …

Yes, yes, we are, almost on the other side, more than 4500 miles from Seattle, these 5 months of work and illusion are left behind (well it looks like it will continue like this)


I would like to share with you this feeling, I am on duty, it is 00h of I do not know what day, we sail (without pilot), we have a breeze of 15 knots. The sea is curly with a very pleasant navigation, the boat behaves very well, you just have to touch the rudder, the sails are very well balanced. The moon is waning but gives a very intense light, only the sound of the sea sliding down the hull is heard.

Everyone sleeps, it is my favorite moment, I alone, with my life and my feelings, I can not say anything else that I am happy and grateful with life. I have a smile accompanying me (who was going to tell me that I would change my life in this way), the truth is that if I stop to think I do not know how I have achieved it, nor why I have been making decisions until I reach this moment. I think it’s a mixture of intuition, understanding of my family and friends, first thank them for being my wind.

There is nothing more beautiful than dreaming and continuing to dream not to lose the illusion and on top of that to feel supported and accompanied by all of you.

Thank you, thank you, to life and to my guardian angel, for me this life is wonderful …

Chat with friends

Today I had a conversation with a crew member friend and he dedicated some beautiful words to me that I will share them with you, he told me:

“Pedro, you are a person who is touching and activating many souls and activating the desire to do and dream” (and that’s worth it) is wonderful in addition to dreaming of getting others to do it too and encouraging them that if you want you can …

Joy Sailors!!

Today more than ever, my dream is our dream, it doesn’t matter if we dream the important thing is to dream and fight for them…

Uy what roll I’m giving you!

In about 10 hours we will be throwing the iron (anchor) into the water and another stage of this wonderful life ends…

Actually the dream would not be so pleasant without challenges and the truth is that we have a tremendous one in our bow, imagine, now we have 2 boats, 1 expedition company and there is no other way to get everything forward, this has been because of my selfishness of wanting to share this, our dream, with all of you (I hope you throw me a cape)

Thank you for being there, today crossing the Pacific on a sailboat here with me!


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