Discovering snowdrifts on a sailboat, how wonderful!

I finally got rid of the thorn I had 3 years ago!

I talked about this place but I could not show it, I almost came to think that it was the result of my imagination, does it not ever happen to you that you imagine something so strongly that you believe it is true?

It happens to me very often with dreams, sometimes it takes a while until I realize that it is not true that I would like it to be and I also lived it as if it were true … On one occasion many years ago, I dreamed that I was pregnant and when I woke up I touched my belly very worried, from here I want to send my recognition and admiration to all the women who lived what I believe … what did I feel…

Discovering the snowdrift

Well returning to the subject, this snowdrift has a natural barrier and you can not navigate on the boat, moreover, you can hardly pass with the chinchorro, once you enter, you sail about 2 miles or something less through a meander shaped fjord where in each curve you find a different ecosystem.

Both on its south side and on the north, it is full of waterfalls, vegetation, bare rock, we must also add that we are in autumn and the vegetation has a thousand tones. Steam ducks appear, others with red beaks, they say they saw a Condor, as you move towards the end of the snowdrift you find a glacier in the background, another in the southern part of which a spectacular waterfall falls, all this created an incredible ecosystem. The sound of the waterfalls is mixed with the crunch of the blue ice, we have all been amazed by so much beauty, we have spent the afternoon at the foot of the glacier feeling its strength enjoying its almost turquoise waters even the sun came out … Simply unbeatable

A very special anchorage

There was so much the load of beauty received today, that we have decided to stay anchored outside to continue sharing the vibrations of the place.

This anchoring is very curious, it is without anchor, we are tied to a stone by bow and a tree by stern, we have on our port side a waterfall and on our starboard the false Torres del Paine … How wonderful!

Tomorrow we set sail again towards Puerto Edén, 190 miles, we will see if we anchor along the way or not … tomorrow I will tell you if God wills.

Dreams come true

The crew is very happy, they are also demonstrating their skills in the kitchen, I am also very happy and soon we will arrive in Valdivia and we will have a new dream …

Joy Sailors!!

How beautiful it is to dream and have illusions but it is more beautiful to dream, to be excited and to make it come true… Don’t let them tell you… Come and live it…

My dream is your dream… Let’s make it happen, you will not be able to complain, you have it very easy Alegria Marineros is your tool…

A hug to all from the Sarmiento mountain range, very close to the Torres del Paine in southern Chile.


There is still some place for the Antarctica of February, the last of the season!
Don’t let them tell you…


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