Joy Sailors!!

We sail towards Tenerife or maybe La Gomeera on a sailboat…

We have 35 hours of navigation we are very, very good, we have had very little wind, sometimes when a shower approached we received 20 kts and we got the joy .. we still don’t fish… Since last year…
The Tripu has a lot of interest and collaborative spirit, we are looking forward to the Alísio and enjoy the fin wind and the ocean wave…
I go up on deck to watch the sunrise (I’ll be back)…

Already this, a little clouds, is clearing, I think about how beautiful the desert must be dawning …
I am gradually marinizing and reintegrating myself into this new life, I think about the new experiences that we will have that morbid gives me to set sail towards the unknown …

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been there on the other side of this keyboard.
The ports where we have been.
Real club náutico de Castellón that well treated us a good place to beach the boat and make repairs and I know all the industrial estates in the area ..
Valencia sea (very good price for the area)
Puerto Sherry, many thanks to Maria from port communication for putting us in touch with the media..
we appear on TV and in a newspaper I think is called El Nacional

Beltran soaps, thanks to them we have ecological and bio soaps for everything. Mistol type, washing machine soap, general cleaning soap, hand soap and shower, I have to say that they have nothing to envy to the enemies of the environment. so take note and let’s use them ..

Quique de valencia installed us pilots to exchange them among them a great professional who is undertaking his new business alone (good luck) and I will tell you how to contact the…

Centramar, is always there, with its advice and another company with a lot of experience that has just started a new voyage

Carlos Abad for his friendship and wise advice to set sail more safely thank you very much for your support and I hope to see you very soon …
Roberto, Dani, Erasmus and all the (working friends of my premises ..)

Isaias you are an artist who has left you everything on the boat (I changed the bathroom key) you were right it was broken ..

Malu and Andres for your friendship and rich oil from Priego de Cordoba… they have an oil mill called El Cerrajón I have to tell you that there is no better oil than that ….. you should try it…

Luismi for your patience thank you for sending on time the poles of the trip .. (by the way you can buy them and so we all help) you can ask for them by sending a message to the facebook of Copernicus Doubloon and joy sailors …

Javier Corpas that good hams and sausage (is really good) thanks to you we carry hams (of the good) for a long time, I hope to invite ham to those of the Castilla base in the Antarctica (the hams can also be ordered on the page) … In the end I set up a virtual store while we navigate the world …

I will continue to thank as I remember…

Well I pass the navigation data in case anyone wants to come for a coffee …

N 33.49.82
Heading 240
Speed 6 kts (but when a shower arrives up to 11) he,je
UTC Time 08.00.h

As I said, we sailed to Tenerife on a sailboat

Joy Sailors
Our dream yours and (what a dream)..


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