Rumbo Rapa Nui by sailboat

I’m Pedro Jimenez and I take you to sail the world. Joy Sailors!!!

We are on Sunday, September 6, 2021. How the years go by and how we neglect our lives…

Here in the middle of the Pacific the day passes slowly but fast at the same time. You can already say that we are marinized and picking up pace, everyone has already regulated their biological clock and although the guards are changing time progressively, almost nobody falls asleep and everyone knows what to do, you can say that we are a team!

Today's report

Now it’s 03:30h, I’ve been on duty since 11h. This afternoon under the wind and we were sailing at 3 knots, that is the limit speed of this ship to have government and there was no choice but to put engine. We are supported by the sails but keeping the course without a pilot is more complicated. I have decided to take turns every 30 minutes and things are going better, there is no time for the helmsman to be distracted and we are not doing those. It is also important not to entertain him, now Hernán is at the wheel and it is best to leave him alone, so I take this opportunity to write you for a while …

We had been 5 days without starting the engine and when we started it began to fail, the diesel did not reach him well, but as we are lucky, Nicolas quickly found the problem (the world of diesel in boats has its little things). It is very important that no air enters anywhere and that there are no leaks and when there is a failure with the diesel you can find it “to the shot” or you can be hours searching. This time we were lucky and the failure was a sting in the closure of the main diesel filter that Nicolas coincidentally discovered, we changed the filter, purged the circuit and it goes like a “Longines”. It could have been any sleeve from the main tank to the motor…

I’m going to go outside that Hernán has problems with the course …

We talk about candles

It is already as I said yesterday Hernan and I are not good at carrying the wheel and we are always fighting with the sails.

Hernán is an authority on the operation of candles even wrote a book but sees nothing but candles…

The fact is that he has just gone his way and already wants to remove and put candles and they are not hours …

There is almost no wind and the sail has almost no influence, the important thing is to keep them inflated and keep the course with the wheel, this to keep the course without touching the wheel is a balance between the force of the wind on the sails and the force of the sea on the hull and it is not so easy …

Well I roll up a lot… Today Julio cooked a very good Uruguayan meat with potatoes, we almost caught but we didn’t…

We started to have too many ripe bananas and we are very good of potassium, hehehe

There are 1611 miles left, we sail towards Rapa Nui by sailboat, as we go by motor we take direct course. I think we will be 2 or 3 more days motorized. We have run out of wind because we are moving from one anticyclone to another and until we reach the influence of the one above Rapa Nui we will have to go motor…

Well, that, I send you memories and the position so that you do not say that we hide.

S 20.38.69
W 137.18.68
Heading 110
Speed 7 knots
Wind 10 knots
Good temperature
Clean and starry night
UTC time 13,30 h

I also leave you a link so you can follow our position in real time: We are here


P:D: I would like you to send me any questions or curiosity that you have and as I have time when I navigate I can tell you. You can leave your questions in this post on any of the social networks, they will send them to me.

Joy Sailors!

My dream, our dream…

Let’s live it!!!


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