It wasn’t easy but we finally set sail from Mexico.

Joy Sailors!!

We finally set sail from Mexico
This country for one reason or another seemed that it did not want us to sail, we spent 5 days trying to set sail and there was no way.
  • What if the police robbed me
  • What if the tide did not give to leave
  • That a crew member had to rescue his mobile
  • What did appear a small breakdown at the last minute
  • What was not wind

The case that we already set sail we have 36 hours of navigation, unfortunately there is no wind, the tropical calm is far north and we went far south, we had to go to Mexico because the restrictions of the pandemic did not let sail and receive crew in San Francisco …

How was the day?

Yesterday was a wonderful day Hernán caught a Marling of about 60 kg, we already have food for 3 days … Or more

We mounted an awning in the central bathtub and it looks like a chillout to the poor but it helps a lot to pass the 12 hours of heat …
Little by little we are acclimatizing and marinizandonos, although we are 11 there is no feeling of overwhelm, between the guards and the visits of dolphins, turtles etc, we are very entertained, for my part I started to do a little exercise, I am running out of tobacco, I did not buy more bet, so I have no choice but to quit smoking …
We’ll see what happens when it’s completely finished…
Yesterday we passed near a turtle that was heeled and we turned around if we could help it, maybe it had some rope or net hooked what it had was a wound in a leg, we could not do anything for it.
I am still sedimenting this journey and I am not aware of the adventure ahead. Sailing from Mexico to Valdivia crossing the Pacific 2 times is no small thing.

I pass our position

N 20.04.97
W 108.44.99
Heading 210 (we are doing so much south because in a few days a hurricane forms 300 miles south of our position and we want to leave it by our stern)
Speed 7 knots
The crew is in good spirits
Joy Sailors!!

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