It’s been a week since we set sail from Mexico

Joy Sailors!!

I am Pedro and I sail the World
I like messes and try to live with intensity.

Today marks one week that we set sail from Mexico. Oh Mexico!! how eager to meet you and how badly you treated me … We’ll give it another try… I will be back and for longer, as I said in the police post, Los Mexicanos are lovely people and they treated me phenomenal!

At last we reached latitude 13 and we were saved from tropical storms, now we have one that looks like becoming a hurricane about 150 miles north of our position, hence Nicolas’ good judgment to run by motor to this latitude …

Finally we are scoring… We sail, we are no longer in a hurry, we carry genoa, fisherman, major and until a while ago a very light large stick that broke … Tomorrow it will be time to sew …

Do you want to know what happened today?

Today we were visited by a helicopter of the Mexican Navy, appeared out of nowhere, surrounded us at a very low altitude, asked if everything was okay, we told him that everything was ok, that we sailed from Mexico and left, things that happen in the middle of the ocean …

We continue sailing with 3 albatrosses that sleep or try in our rigging, how they are neglected end up in the Marquesas…

Well, very happy all the crew happy to scoring and looking forward tomorrow to enjoy the spectacle of this schooner with all its sails …

As I told you before, a week ago we set sail from Mexico, with all the enthusiasm that entails nothing less than a crossing of the Pacific!
I always have that feeling between intrigue and expectation when I head to a new destination, in this case French Polynesia, Marquesas Islands, Tahiti, Bora Bora

Joy Sailors!!

But how beautiful is this dream!!

I pass the position

N 11.48.51

W 116.31.25

Heading 140

Speed 4.5 knots

UTC time 06.51 h


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